Biographies - Robin and Pleasant Axley

Robin Axley came here, tradition says, about 1810, floating down the Ohio River on a boat with other immigrants. He was living here in 1814 as he was appointed by the court to lay out a road from Elvira to Willcox' warehouse on the Ohio. He lived in the West Eden neighborhood, and was said to be a man without an enemy, and noted for his charity. (See West)
Pleasant Axley lived here in 1814 and entered land in 1818, which is now owned by Neal and Simms. He was another citizen of the West Eden neighborhood that bore an enviable reputation for good deeds. The citizens of this-community were men whose influence and characteristics have gone down in history. Although there are few of their descendants living in the locality at the present, the names of these pioneers as upright men, are familiar to all the county, and their children have carried their teachings to many localities in many states.

Extracted from 1925 History of Johnson County written by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 323

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