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Daniel T. Coleman and Lucy Craft, 1820; John Tweedy married Mary Craft some time before 1825; Martin Harvick married Nancy Fisher, 1821; Naman Martin married Temperance West Axley, 1825; Stanton Simpson married Nancy Higgins, 1831; in 1835 licenses were issued to James T. Collier and Parmelia Chapman; Thomas Mercer and Minerva Allen; John Cooper and Betsy Harrell; James H. Cooper and Jane Elliot, John Allen and Mary Sarah Mercer, Gilbert H. Padget and Amanda Chapman; John Jones and Esther Carter, 1839; Washington Chapman and Cynthia Jobe, 1835; John S. Copeland and Ann Ward, 1835; Joshua S. Copeland and Elizabeth Axley, 1835; Issac S. Copeland and Eleanor Gore, 1835; Alfred Copeland and Agnes Phillips, 1841; James Mabrey and (Mrs) Elizabeth Copeland, 1841; Alfred Copeland and Katherine Elkins, 1844; John A. Copeland and Cynthia A. Scroggins, 1857; John West and Nancy Ann Allen, 1859. James A. Mecalf married a daughter of N. O. Gray. The Metcalfs resided in that section of the county that made Pulaski.
Judging from court records Bennett Handcock married Mary Peterson, widow of Wm. Peterson, who had the infant children, Elizabeth, Joshua and Sally, and whose will was written, 1815.
James Weaver married Mary, children, James, Sophia, Mariah; Mary widow of James Weaver married Thornton.

Extracted 10 Apr 2016 by Norma Hass from 1925 History of Johnson County written by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 275-276

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