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2019 Dec 02
On your website listing cemeteries, you show Simmons 2 Cemetery. I have information to add. The stone marked "J.S. died 18 Jan 1851" is incorrect. It should read "J.S. died 18 July 1851." I have a definitive letter for evidence. The burial is for Jeremiah Simmons , b. ca 1811 Tennessee. He married Catherine Perry, daughter of William J. Perry and Sarah Moake, The Perry's live in the Pulley Mill area of Williamson County and also have family in Johnson County. At the time of Jeremiah's death in 1851, he was said to "have 8 children, among which were three boys very good to work."

I am very interested in determining who the 8 children were, and where the wife, Catherine (Perry) Simmons is buried. Did she re-marry? Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. It appears that Jeremiah Perry moved from Tennessee to Southern Illinois between 1830 and 1839. He appeared on the census of 1840 in Williamson County, I believe - I will check on that further. I see there are two Simmons Cemeteries, but both seem to be in the Tunnel Hill area. Have they been listed or photographed? I see one Simmons cemetery listed on Find-A-Grave, saying only that is on the "old Simmons farm." I am a member of Find-A-Grave and it would be great to have these cemeteries listed and photographed. Thanks.

Michael A. Harris, Monticello, Illinois  [email protected]
2017 Oct 26
I have been researching my family in Johnson County. My lineage is Daniel OLLIS to John Ward OLLIS to Nettie OLLIS-BOYT.

Daniel OLLIS had a son who served in the civil war from Johnson County. His name was George Washington OLLIS, born 1844, died 24 Apr 1864 while serving as sentry in Illinois Infantry Company K (I believe) was killed in Rome, Georgia, and is buried in Rome, Georgia. I have more info just not at my fingertips.

I also have a relative, Felix BOYT, who was a deputy Sheriff in 1800's, who was shot in the back of the head and killed while working as a Deputy.

Paul R. Boyt [email protected]
2017 Apr 13
Coming down from Wisconsin for the eclipse 8/21/2017. Have been finding lots of old family photos. Some are labeled, some not. Families include Henry L. BRIDGES / Nancy PETTIT; their daughter Myrtle BRIDGES, who married William F. UTLEY, and their son Eugene UTLEY, who was my grandfather. Eugene's birth certificate says Forman. I believe that some of the pictures are of the house in Forman. Is there somewhere in the Vienna area that I could visit in August with the pictures?
Barry Seifert [email protected]

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