Simon Jones & Nancy McFatridge

State of Illinois
Johnson County

The people of the State of Illinois. To any person legally authorized, greeting. You are hereby licensed and permitted to join together in the bonds of Matrimony Mr. Simon Jones to Miss Nancy McFatridge, Both of lawful age. And this shall be your sufficient Warrant for so doing. In Testimony whereof I have here unto Set my name and affixed the seal of office at Vienna this 16th day of Oct. A. D. 1834.

Att. John Dunn Clk.

State of Illinois
Johnson County

Be it remembered that I have this day joined in marriage the within named Simon Jones & Nancy McFatridge.

Given under my hand this 19th Oct 1834

J. Copland Justice of the Peace

Contributed 30 Apr 2002 by Rick Girtman
Source: Johnson County, Illinois Marriage Licenses, page 2, Microfilm # 0964808

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