1925 Biography - D F Beauman

D. F. Beauman was born in Canada, 1827 of French parentage. He came to Vermont when a young man and in 1853 he came west and engaged in the work of helping to build the Illinois Central Railroad. He was stationed at Ullin and Anna, Ill. In 1861 he married Carrie daughter of John Corgan, of Anna. Mr. Beauman engaged in the mercantile business in Lick Creek, a settlement near Buncombe, for some time, but later came to Johnson County and settled near Tunnel Hill, 1873, where he continued his mercantile business, and began to open up the Maple Grove Stock Farm, where he later moved and devoted his entire time to the farm. He was a pioneer in this county in raising fine cattle, his herds took many premiums and were of the Short Horn breed. He added fruit culture to his farming industry, exemplifing what could be done on the Ozark ridge and laid the foundation of the now famous Beauman Orchard. The children were Mrs. Birdie Dinwiddie (2), of Stockton, Calif.; Louie (2) was a civil engineer and held some high positions in railroad circles in the west. He married Kitty Woodruff. The children were Louie (3), who lost his life while in training in the Aviation Corps during the World War. The father immediately enlisted, went to France and served until the signing of the Armistice. He died soon after the close of the war. Their daughter, Carrie (3) is the wife of Mr. LaFevra of Houston, Tex. Francis (3), the youngest resides with her mother in Berkeley, Calif. Frank (2), was a business man of Pawhuskie, Okla., died 1924. He married Theresa Maness. The children were Avis (3), Harry (2) died in young manhood. John (2) died while serving in the Spanish American War as a member of the Signal Corps and is buried at Arlington Cemetery, Virginia, where his nephew, Louie, is also buried. Guy (2) is one of our foremost orchardist, and resides on the farm. He married Cora Seitz, and has William (3). Maud (2) is the widow of D. R. A. Hale and resides at Centralia, Ill. Her children are Joe (3), Caroline (3) and Robert (3). Madge (2), wife of Dr. H. O. Williams of Centralia; Carrie (2) married first Robert Porter, who died, leaving Robert (3). She married second J. M. Brown, of this county. Clara (2) married George Trammell, cashier of the First State Bank, of Mound City, Ill.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 327-328.

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