1925 Biography - Buckey & Felix Boyt

Buckey Boyt came to this county with at least part of his family. He had a daughter who married Smith Webb of Tunnel Hill Township. His son, Felix was born in Tennessee 1811 and married Elizabeth Simmons. The children were Mary (2), who married Duke Smith. He operated a tan yard at Vienna for some time; later they removed to Texas, with their family except their son, Andrew (3), who married Belle, daughter of H. T. Bridges, of this county. The children were Clarence (4) and Bessie (4) ; neither of whom reside in the county. Washington (2) married Mahala McGowan. The children were William (3), who lives in Missouri. Washington (2) married second Ann, daughter of Dr. A. P. Stewart. Mr. Boyt was circuit clerk of the county and he and Mrs. Boyt were both teachers. They removed to Missouri years ago; Allen (2) married Julia Morgan. The children were Julia E. (3), who married Ed. F. Morton. The children were James (4), who is a resident of Decatur, Ill.; Mary (4) at home. Ed. Boyt (3) was for many years one of Vienna's most successful business men. He married Bertie Bratton, (see Chapman). He died in the prime of life. Allen (2) married second Anna Dunn. The children were Eva (3), who married Walter Slack. Their children are Tullis (4), Donald (4), Lowell (4) and Christine (4). Allen Boyt served in the Civil War and was a farmer living in the Morgan neighborhood for several years. He moved to Vienna and engaged in the livery business, which he conducted until he was made deputy sheriff. He was shot by some unknown party while preforming the duties of that office. Elizabeth (2) married Beverly Bradley. The children were Amanda (3), who married Mr. Smith of this county; Mollie (3) married Joseph Walker and lived in Marion, Ill.; Carmelia (2) married John S. Crum. Their children were Dolly (3), Ulysses (3), (see Crum). John (2) left the county when a young man, marrying and settling in the west. Nancy Malvina (2) married Calvin Corbit. The children are Daisy (3), who married Edward Boston and lives in Union County. John M. (3) married Ida Gore, resides at Pekin, Ill. Sibyl (3) married E. A. Williams (see Carter). Emma (2) married Thomas Hogg and their children are Lelia (3), who married Edward Seawright and has one child. Bessie (3) married Mr. McConnell; they have one child. These families live in Chicago, Ill. Winifred (3) married Guerin Blackburn and resides at Marion Ill.
Felix Boyt came to this county some time before the Civil War, about 1850, settling in Tunnel Hill Township. He was a carpenter and joiner and was quite a useful citizen in the frontier country. He opened the farm now owned by Mrs. Royster. He was a resident of Vienna for thirty years, a mason and one of the charter members of the Christian Church of this place. His wife, Aunt Betty, as she was called was loved by all who knew her and lived some years after her husband’s death. They outlived all their children and spent their last days in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Morton, their grandchildren who with Ed. Boyt, a grandson made their declining years very pleasant.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 329-330.

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