1925 Biography - James & John Bridges

The founder of this Bridges family was William of England; his son was Francis. James D. was the son of Francis and Henry T. was the son of James D. He came here when he was thirteen years old. He followed the trade of blacksmith and wagon maker, and resided in and near Vienna most all his life. He was a quiet, but exemplary citizen, and served as justice of the peace many years; was a charter member of the Odd Fellows Lodge, a mason, a republican and a Presbyterian, while this church was an active organization here, but later joined the Christian Church. He married Mary Carter. 1852, who lived to be almost ninety years old. The children were Belle (2), who married Andrew Smith (see Boyt); Vesta (2) married Isaac Hogg and had James (3), who resides in Metropolis; James (2) grew up in this county, but went to Oklahoma, where he married and his family still reside; William (2), the youngest also went to Oklahoma where he married and died a young man, leaving a family. Harry T. (2) is a young man and has made a place for himself in the business world, not only of Vienna, but is known as editor and publisher of the Vienna Times. He worked for W. H. Gilliam as an assistant on this paper for several years, and at the death of Mr. Gilliam, bought the paper. He is issuing a first class country newspaper, which is appreciated by his readers. He has, like his father, been a justice of the peace for several years. He is a public spirited, wide awake citizen and lends his aid to all forward movements. He is especially interested in education. He married Cena Brooks, and their children are Mabel (3), Harry T. Jr., (3), Royce (3) Francis (3), Lucille (3), James (3) and Marion (3).
From the best information, John was the name of the founder of the Bridges family in this county, that came here from North Carolina about 1810, settling on the west side of the county (settlement referred to by Peck). He followed farming and also kept a general store and became quite wealthy for that time. His children were Alfred (2) Col. D. Y. (2), John (2), Celia (2), Abbie (2). Alfred (2) was born 1799. He served in the Seminole War in Captain Andrew's Company. He owned property in Vienna and held office here in the early times. He married Elizabeth, who was born 1805, and their children were Edith (3), Mary (3), James (3), John H. (3), Green (3) and Calvin (3). Edith (3) married Franklin Smith who was a prominent business man of Vienna for many years. They had no children, but their home was always open to those who needed one. Mary (3) married John Sanders and had children Samuel (4), Edith (4), Mary (4), Ann (4), Sheridan (4), William (4). Edith (4) married John Perry and had Mamie (5), Thomas (5), Herman (5). Mamie (5) married John Sharp of this county. Herman (5) resides in Philadelphia and Thomas (5) in Paragould, Ark. Samuel (4) married Millie Shoemaker. The children were Bertha (5), who lives in Peoria, Ill. and William (5), who married Lena. They have two children and live in Arvada, Wyoming, where he is cashier of a bank. Mary (4) married Frank Burnett, 1879. The children were Nellie (5), who married George Pickard, their children are Frank (6), Phillip (6) and Raymond (6). Edith (5) married Dr. G. K. Farris. Mary (4) married second John E. Hunsaker, 1885, and their children were Paul (5) and Lawrence (5), married Jessie Barnett and has Paul (6). Ann (4) married Thomas Perry. She had Clyde (5), who married Ethel Batts and resides at Senneth, Mo. Mona (5) married Charles Bray and lives in Flint, Mich. Sadie (5) married Coke Browning and resides in Senneth, Mo. Sheridan (4) married Jennie Neal. The children are Frank (5), Phillip (5), Raymond (5). William (4) married Ella Williams. Their children are Edith (5), who married a Mr. Hutchinson, of Senneth, Mo., and Loueva (5). James J. (3) married Eliza Gibbs; their children were Augustus (4), who married Izora Wise. The children were James (5), who married Mary Bellemy and has James (6). Charles (5) who married Ella Simmons; their children are Francis (6), Agustus (6), Elizabeth (6) and Charles (6). John H. (3) married Pop Elkins, their children were Alfred (4), who was accidently killed and Dallas 4, who married Anna Median. Green (3) married Mahala Hacker; the children were Edith (4). Green (3) married second Martha and their children were India (4), who married a Mr. Campbell and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Calvin (3) married Adeline Bagget; the children were Anna 4, George (4), Frank (4), Logan (4), Alfred (4), Ida (4), Edith (4), Calvin (4) and Young (4). Anna (4) married Frank Ramey and had Zora (5) who married George Jones, and Nanny (5) who married a Mr. Mathis; Logan (4) married Dora (see Harvick), Alice (4) married Frank Dunn and lives in Metropolis, Ill.; Ida (4) married Frank Simmons, they moved to Missouri; Edith (4) married William Birch and has children Ethel (4), who married Charles Burris and has Genevieve (6), Lois May (6); Alice (5) is married and resides in the west; Ralph (5), Earl (5), Agnes (5), married Guy Worrell.
Col. D. Y. Bridges (2) was a prominent business man of Vienna from 1840 to 1857. He served in the 16th and 17th sessions of the State Legislature, and was a merchant here and dealt in tobacco, making many trips to New Orleans as did all the merchants of that time to market their produce. He removed from Vienna to what is now the H. Ragains place, having had a modern residence built on the site now occupied by Mr, Ragains residence. He married Lucretia (see Chapman); Abbie (2) married Thomas (see Gore); John (2) entered land in this county in 1830, the east l/ 2 of S. W. 1/4 of Section 29 township 12, range 2 East. His children were David Y. (3), born 1878, John (3) (Wint) Lucretia (3), Abbie (3), Malinda (3), Elizabeth (3), Lavina (3) and Catherine (3). David Y. (3) married Lucy King and they had Laura (4), who married a Mr. Baggly and lives in Texas, Charles (4) who married Flora, daughter of Peter Gore and had Mana (5), Mona (5), Charles (5). Lucretia (3) married Frank Henard, their children were Alice (4), Ellen (4), Carrie (4), Lula (4), Abbie (4), George (4) died soon after reaching manhood; Everet (4), William (4). Alice (4) married Dr. C. A. C. Parker, they had Marie (5), Eva (5), Charles (5), Edith (5), Zillah (5). Marie (5) married Harvey Hinkle, children Loren (6) Leland (6), Harverett (6); Eva (5) married Ollie Holshouser; children Wanda (6), Hazel (6), Paul (6), Herald (6); Charles (5) married Ivy Peeler, children James M. (6), Jack (6); Edith (5) married Hammond White and had Mary Alice (6); married second Lewis Tanner. Zilla (5) married Russell Lee and has Karleen (6). Ellen (4) married Etheldred Jones (see West). William (4) married Tempy Sitters lives in Union County. Carrie (4) married Frank Betts and had Amel (5); married second Frank Nobles. Lula (4) married Charles Johnson. Abbie (4) married A. McIntire. Everett (4) married Sarah Smith. Abbie (3) married James W. Gordon; they had children Berneta (4), Joseph (4) Etta (4) Ann (4), Mary (4), Fanny (4), John (4), Ruth (4). Berneta (4) married William Miles; they had Raymond (5), Lovi (5) Joseph (5). Etta (4) married John Adams, children Olin (5), Herman (5), Mabel (5), Joseph (5), Lindel (5), Allison (5), Eva (5). Joseph (4) married Siddie Kerley. They have Clarence (5), Homer (5) Ernest (5). Ann (4) married Wiley Pender; they had Rosa (5), James (5), Joseph (5). Mary (4) married Elsworth Adams; children Willis (5), Benjamin (5), Ray (5), John (5), Clarence (5). John (l) married Rosa Barringer, children Sibyl (5), Malby (5), Dimple (5), Myra (5), Georgia (5), Ralph (5). Fanny (4) married William Miles, they had Arlie (5) James (5), Frank (5). Ruth (4) married Thomas Cochran, they have Sylvia (5) and Edgar (5). Joseph Pender (5) married a Miss Simmons, they had Sibyl (6), James (6), Joseph (6), Anna (6), Baby (6). Mrs. Abbie Gordon, her daughter, Ann, grandson, Joseph and his wife died within ten days during the "flu" epidemic of 1918, leaving the five small children of Joseph Pender (5), (James W. Gordon married second Mrs. Mary Penrod). Malinda (3) married William Ragsdale and had Elizabeth (4) who married Thomas Isom; Grant (4) married Matilda Stokes; Samuel (4) "Bunk" married Agusta Keller; Rose (4) married Barney Gore; Belle (4) married Mr. Bishop; Elijah (4) married Josie Smith; Lily (4) married Walter Bishop; Dave (4) married first Daisy Murray, second Ethel Davidson; Willis (4) married Tillie Hogue; Elmer (4) married Cora Pearce and third Joyce Ussery; Oscar (4). John (3) married first Caroline Gore and had John D. (4), who married Mary Fane, they had Ernest (5), Ellen (5), Pearl (5) Dovey (5); Ida (4) married B. M. Adams, of Cache Township, their children were Barney (5), Almus (5) Homer (5). John (3) married second Sarah Ragains and they had David C. (4), Josephine (4), Laura (4), Narvisa (4), Suda Belle (4). David G. (4) married Airy McGinnis and they had Edna (5), who married Frank Keisler; Josephine (4) married Warner Ferguson and had Jewell (5); Laura (4) married Melvin Jones, (see West) Narvisa (4) married William Bradley and they had Gladys (5) who died in young womanhood; Suda B. (4) married Claude Cooper. Melvina (3) married Crawford (Tuck) Ragsdale; Elizabeth (3) married Robert Hennard; Catherine (3) married Garth Pender. Celia (2) married John Oliver, who served the county as treasurer in the twenties, and as judge in the sixties. He took an active part in public affairs during his entire life. They had children, William (3), Alfred (3) James (3), David (3), John (3), Elizabeth (3) Dorcas Jane (3). William (3) married Susan Short and they had Benton (4), Mariah (4), Nancy (4), John (4) James (4). Benton (4) married Minerva Pearce and they had Anna (5), who married Charles Mozley. Alice (5) married Mark Crowder. Mariah (4) married John Eldridge and removed to Texas. Nancy (4) married William Arnett and had Charles (5). They also moved to Texas. John (4) married Sarah Harvel and their children were Cora (5) who married Jeff Rogers and had Estelle (6). Rosa (5) married Andrew Thomas and had Ruby (6), Oliver (6), Frank (6) Glena (6). Lily (5) married Edward Bellemy. Lura (5) married George Dunn. Margaret (5) not married. James (3) was one of our foremost farmers living west of Vienna for many years. He married Avaline (see Smith), Alfred (3) married Marian Slack. David (3) married Tabitha Hogg and their children were Richard (4), who married a Miss Moore and had David (5) Alonzo (4) married Toby Stubblefield. Georgia Ann (4) married a Mr. Edwards, Samuel (4); Elizabeth (3) married Louis Wise; Dorcas J. (3) married Stanley Toller, children Cordelia (4) and George (4). Both died without issue.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 332-335.

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