1925 Biography - James Brown

James Brown came to this county about 1820 from North Carolina where he was born in 1788, and settled in what is now Cache Township. He married Elizabeth, sister to Rix Carter, also a native of North Carolina. The children were Samuel T. (2), Wilson (2), Edward S. (2), Allen B. (2), Mary (2), Amanda (2), Ella E. (2). Samuel T. (2) was a farmer, born 1825, within a mile of where he died, having lived in that neighborhood all his life. He married Amanda Dubois, and they began life together in a log cabin. Samuel T. was a successful farmer, a justice of the peace for thirty years, and a member of the M. E. Church fifty-three. Their children were Angeline (3), James M. (3), Joy (3), married Aliced Whitacre, Wilson B. (3), Mary A. (3), Samuel T. Jr., (3), John M. (3), Alonz V. (3), Ella E. (3), Amanda (3). Angeline (3) married Dr. P. D. (see Mulkey); James M. (3) married Viola, and Samuel T. (3) married J. see Smith) Samuel (3) who resides at West Vienna and John M. (3), who resides west of Vienna about two miles are progressive and successful farmers; John M. (3) married first Ellen Enos, their children are Edith (4), who married Oel (see Simpson) Blanch (4) married Orba Davidson and their son is John Billy (5); John M. (3) married second Leila Mackey, and their children are Waldron (4) and Virginia (4); John M. (3) married third Mrs. Carrie (Beauman) Porter; Mary A # (3) married Frank (see Carter), married second James Enos; Wilson (2) married Cassandra Gore; Edward S. (2) married a Miss Thomas and they had children Mrs. Juda Missenhammer (3); Owen Bruner (3), Norman (3), Morgan (3), Leroy (3) and Cassandra (3); Allen Bainbridge (2) married Miss Sidwell and had Joseph (3), the artist, and Ann (3). Mary (2) married Joel Dubois, children James (3), Betty (3) married Dr. Owen (see Peterson); Cora (3) married a Mr. Bolan moved out of the county; Amanda (2) married D. M. Jones, children Bernice (3) married Benj. Holsnouser; Charles (3) married a Miss Groner; Ellen F. (2) married Frank Wilhelm their children were Curtis (3), Vida (3), Loren (3).

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 335-336.

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