1925 Biography - George Calhoun

Three Calhoun brothers, Jacob, Zachariah and George, came to this county from Tennessee about 1850. Their father, George came from North Carolina to Tennessee in an early day. The maiden name of his wife was Patsy Julian, a native of Georgia. They lived on a farm in Tennessee most all their lives, the mother coming to this county when very old. They reared five sons and one daughter; Jacob J. (1), born about 1803, married Rebecca McCall, daughter of Thomas, whose wife was a Miss Gilmore, about 1825. They removed to this county in 1852, settling on land near Belknap. Their original home is now enclosed in Charles Marshall's barn. Their children were William (2), James F. (2), Thomas H. (2), Charles D. (2), George J. (2), Mary A. (2), Frances (2), Susan (2), Mary (2), Rebecca C. (2), Elizabeth (2). William (2) married Mary Rhodes, they had Samuel (3), Betty (3), Robert (3), Franklin (3), and Susan (3). This family removed to Arkansas. James F. (2) married Mary Helm. The children were Charles (3), Jacob J. (3), who married Belle Henderson. Cynthia (3), married David L. Stewart; Susan (3) married Isaac N. Evans, Thomas J. (3) and George W. (3). James F. (2) married second, Francis Reid and their children were Allen (3), Manorah (3), Martha (3), who married Polk Ballard and Lizzie (3). Thomas H. (2), born in Williamson County, Tennessee, 1831, married Mary Robinson, their children were Alice (3) who married Pink Thornton and lives near Goreville. William (3) married Julia Jones. Francis (3) married Charles Grissom. James A. (3) married Miss Toler; Jacob (3) married Miss Terry; Susan E. (3) married William Furgus; Charles R. (3) married Delia Osborne; George B. (3) married Eva Campbell. Charles D. (2) married Ditha Johnson. They had Albert (3), who married Lizzie Cox; Sula (3), married Thomas Hurst; Amanda (3) married Roy Henderson; Julia (3), Frank (3) married Miss Jones; Samuel (3) married Spicy Burns, Josephine (3) and Rosa (3). George J. (2) married Martha Dunn and their children are Priula (3), married Mary Henderson; Edward (3) married May Johnson; Zachery T. (3) married Francis Mayard; he is a physician of Pope County; Sarah E. (3) married J. F. Gillespie; John H. (3) married a Miss Harper; Frank (3), Walter (3), Allen (3), no knowledge. Mary A. (2) married James Robinson, their children are Hugh (3), Phoebe (3) married John Spicer; Sarah (3) married Mark Whiteaker; William (3) no knowledge; Charles (3) married May Cover; Francis (2) married William C. Allen and had Belle (3), who died in youth; Susan (2) married William Moore and had Douglas (3) who married Lizzie Johnson, Joseph (3), and Jeptha (3); Fannie (3) married John Rathar; Lizzie (3) married James Ore. Martha (2) married William Ring and they had William (3) married Miss Thornton, George (3) married Miss Mulinax, Jane (3) married Millington (see Smith), Alice (3), Francis (3). Rebecca Cumi (2) married James Venable, the children were John (3), Orril (3), Lizzie (3), Thomas (3), this family removed to Missouri. Sarah (2) married George Lovelace and their children were Olis B. (3) married Sula Betts and Georgia A. (3). Sarah (2) married second Isaac Lovelace and had Isaac (3), who married Julia Bratton. Elizabeth (2) married John Murrie (2) and had Johin (3). Zach. (1), another brother settled in the southeast part of the county, 1850 and had William Hayes (3), Petaway (3), John (3), Mary (3), Lucy (3) and two other daughters whose names are not known. Lucy (3) married Dr. Young of Metropolis. Mary (3) married a Mr Cryder. George (1), the other brother settled in Elvira Township and had Joseph Julian (2), William (2), Martha (2), Amanda (2). Joseph J. (2) married Mary Parker, they had Julian (3), Heber (3), Loubeth (3). Julian (3) died in young manhood; Heber (3) married Doria Beggs, they have Gay (5), Edna (5), Joseph (5), Fay (5), Ludine (5), Fondle (5) and Robert (5). Loubeth (3) married Nathaniel Boomer. William (2) never married; Martha (2) had Ivy who married Mr. Nipper. Amanda (2) married Willis Lingle and resides in Union County. George (1) married second Mrs. Ann (Ward) Copeland.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 337-338.

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