1925 Biography - Vincent Carter

Vincent was the ancestor of the large Carter family residing in this county and many who have emigrated from it. He was born in North Carolina in 1803 and later came to Tennessee with his parents, where he followed farming till 1850, when with his wife and children he settled on a farm in Vienna Township. He married Elizabeth Rose in Tennessee, and their children were John (2), Frank (2), Mary (2), Lucy B. (2), Sabra W. (2), J. H. (2), Eliga (2), Tennessee E. (2). John (2) was a farmer of this county and married Martha Neatherly, 1854; their children are W. H. (3), and Mary E. (3). W. H. (3) married Josephine Verhines. The children were W. H. (4), Frank (4), Martha (4), Arista (4), Dola (4), Guy (4), Eva (4). W. H. (4) married Emma Murrie. The children were Merritt (5), Ivy (5), Ethel (5). W. H. (4) married second Mrs. Norah (Comer) Rhodes. The children were Otto (5), Norine (5), Frank (4) married Essie Jackson. Martha (4) married John Dill, a prominent business man of Carbondale and a native of this county. They have John Jr. (5). Arista (4) married Lyons Randle. Dola (4) married Rex Cook. Frank M. (2) married Charlotta Bridges and had Alice (3), Elizabeth (3), Martha (3), Belle (3). Belle (3) married Robert Verhines and had Robert (4), Harvey (4) and Lily (4), who married William Keltner, he died leaving Robert (5); she married second Mr. Chitty. Elizabeth (3) married Maxwell Caudle and had Ira (4) and Ralph (4). Alice (3) married R. R. Ridenhower in 1882 and had R. R. Jr. (4), who married Essie Jackson and had Kimber (5); married second Pearl Veach. Martha (3) married Samuel Jobe and had Nettie (5), who married Mr. Hopkins, of Little Rock, Ark. F. M. (2) married second Matilda (Fairless) Clayton and had Suda, (3), who married Eugene Ausbrooks of this county; he married third Mrs. Mary Farris and had Obie (3). Mary (2) married H. T. (see Bridges). Lucy (2) married James Card, 1878, who was of Scotch ancestry, but for two generations his family had lived in Ireland, where James was born in 1832. He was a blacksmith by trade, he was a useful and esteemed citizen of our county for many years. He served in the Civil War and was at Antitem 1862. He was a member of the Baptist Church and a Republican. They had Lula (3) who married Isaac Hook, children Robert (4), James (4), Herbert (4) and Katherine (4). Sabra W. (2) married A. D. Williams, a farmer of Bloomfield and had Etha (3), William (3), E. A. (3). Bertha (3), Elizabeth (3), G. C. (3). Etha (3) married John R. Parker and their children were Ada (4), who married John Beggs and lives in Marion. The children were Jaunita (5), Effie (5), John Jr., (5). Abe (4) served in the World War, where his hearing was badly injured. He learned shoe repairing in a vocational training school and now operates an electric shoe shop in Vienna. He married Gertrude Arnett and has Loretta (5) and Wilda (5). William (3) married Victoria Crowder; children, Essie (4) married Mr. Jobe; Fay (4) married Howard Beals. E. A. (Buck) (3) married Sibyl Corbitt. The children were Calvin (4), Lucy (4) who married James Hutchinson of Goreville and Hattie (4). G. C. (Dink) (3) married Edna Schagenlaugh and has one daughter. Elizabeth (3) married W. L. Darter. The children were Arthur (4), Coba (4). She married second Joshua Gray. The children were Ward (4), Nettie (4), Gussie (4). James H. (2) was born in Giles County, Tenn., 1844. He came with his parents to this county and was left an orphan at an early age, he was reared by his brother-in-law. H. T. Bridges, from whom he learned the blacksmith trade. He enlisted in the 6th Ill. Cav., at the age of 17, was wounded and discharged, he reenlisted in the 120 Co. K. He was the third person to enlist from this county and served during the remainder of the Civil War and was promoted to a Lieutenancy. He was elected sheriff of this county, 1872 and to the State Legislature in 1878. On retiring from office he entered the mercantile business which he followed till his death. He was a very successful business man and took a great interest in the community and its betterment. He married first Eliza Cardwell and had James H. Jr. (3) who is in business in Cairo, Ill. He married Myrtle Hankins. They have Wallace (4), Phillip (4), June (4), James (4), John (4) and Elizabeth Rose (4). James H. (2) married second Amanda Belle (see Harvick) 1875. Tennessee E. (2) married Hugh Wallace, who was a blacksmith of our town, they resided here many years. They had one daughter, Maggie, who married J. F. Francis. They live in Springfield, Ill. Eliza (2) died when a young woman.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 341-342.

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