1925 Biography - John Clymer

CLYMER John C. Clymer married Sarah, the daughter of David and Holly Shires, in Maury County, Tennessee, where the father of John C. and Joseph had moved from North Carolina. They resided there until 1854, when they came to this county, settling in Grantsburg Township. John C. was a carpenter and worked at his trade there a number of years, later removing to New Burnside. Their children were Martha (2), who married Gillford Pippins of this county and had Mary Francis (3) and David (3). David (2) was killed at the battle of Fort Donelson. John H. (2) married Virgina Garrett, whose mother was a daughter of Daniel Cummins. Their children weie Alice (3), Edward (3), Delia (3), Thomas (3), Charles (3), Walter (3), Holly (3). Alice (3) married John Vander Pluym; their children were Lilly (4), who resides with her father in Vienna. Nell (4) married Bluford Heatherington of Harrisburg and has James (5), Bluford (5), Eugene (5), Carl (5), Ralph (5) and Mary Nell (5). Cornelius (4) married first Beatrice Abott and had Kreigh (5); he married second Edna Holland and they have Betty Jane (5) and reside in Harrisburg, Ill. Winifred (4), married Dr. Robert McCall and their children are Virginia (5), Robbie (5), John (5), Thomas (5). They reside in Phoenix Arizona. Fay (4) married Hudson Hook and has Jack (5), Mary Alice (5), they live in Seattle, Wash. Edward (3) married Ida Shearer and they have Ebert (4), who is a physician of Oklahoma City, he married Lou Hachett, and has Clarice (5) who married Jay Allie, Ralph (5), Mary Louise (5) and Ruby (5). Delia (3) married Lucas Parker; their children are Leo (4), who married Cecil Hadley, and has Elaine (5). Donald (4) married Helen Arthaud and has Jack (5). Halloween (4) married Ralph Murray, who is a teacher in the schools of Oblong, Ill.; they have J. P. (5) and Jerry (5). Myra June (4), a teacher, Hilda (4) and Joe (4) in school. Thomas (3) married Harriet Stanley. He is a contractor and builder. Charles (3) not married; Walter (3) married Genevieve Harris and their children are Margaret (4), Hita (4); Holly (3) married James Hight, they have John Milton (4), Mary Louise (4) and reside in Tempe, Arizona; Holly (2) married James A. Smith, son of Jason B. and they had Eugene (3), Ethel (3), Clara (3), who married Adam Ballance and resides in the west. Another branch of this 'family whose head was Joseph came here a little later. He was a brother of John C, but spelled his name Clymore. He had Daniel (2), John (2). John (2) married Alice Redden and their children are Arthur (3), Charles (3), Alice (3), Martha (3). Arthur (3) married Olivia Morgan, they had Morris (4), Opal (4), Nora (4), Gertrude (4), Morgan (4). Charles (3) served as postmaster in Vienna under President Wilson. He married Nellie Wymore and their children are Isabel (4), Charleen (4), Charles (4), Bain (4), they reside in Jacksonville, Fla. Alice (3) married William Hight and has Walton (4). Martha (3) married Edward Grinnell and resides in Los Angeles, Calif. Daniel (2) married Ella Allbritton and had Elmer (3), Effie (3), Pearl (3), Joseph (3), Annis (3), Harris (3), Jessie (3), and Adrian (3). Elmer (3) married Daisy Farmer. They had Bradley (4); Effie (3) married Mr. Fowler and has five children; Pearl (3) married Guy Slack, has several children and resides in Carbondale; Joseph (3) married Audrey Helm, one son, Joseph (4); Annis (3) married Levi Hand and has one son; Harris (3) married Althea Hight and has five children; Jessie (3) married Benjamin Farmer and has three children; Adrain (3) married Myrtle Carlton and has one child.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 356-357.

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