1925 Biography - Copeland

William Copeland must have been quite old when he came to this county and his son, John was doubtless the head of the family. He was born before the Revolutionary War and he was not the oldest child. William Copeland, judging from his name was English. His grandson, Johua, said they came from the Isle of Wight and were Irish. James R. Evers who married a granddaughter remembers seeing old man Johnny Copeland, as he was called, and he says he was Irish. Be that as it may, William Copeland lived in Virginia in 1771 and no doubt, earlier, but whether he was born there or emigrated there is not known. There is a Copeland family in New England which came there about 1630, but whether our William Copeland was connected with that family or not is not known. His Revolutionary War record and the settlement of his estate is given in other chapters. William had four daughters; two married Dials, one married Hobb and one married Robert Little who kept tavern in Vienna in 1820. There is no certain knowledge of these families unless David Shearer married Mattie (Copeland) Dial's daughter. There was a son named Samuel whom tradition says went to Missouri or Arkansas. John is the founder of the family tree arranged here. He was born in Virginia, emmigrated to Tennessee and married there, coming to this county in 1816. He was a farmer also an early teacher and held several county offices and was active in the promotion of education and the conveniences of a frontier community. He moved to a home on the Ohio River about 1835, which location later became Massac County. He died 1853. John Copeland brought six slaves to this county, a man, his wife and four children. Tradition says that the Copelands went first to Ohio and realizing they could not hold their slaves in that state, they came to Tennessee and later to Illinois, believing this would be a slave state. William Copeland's land warrant was number 1696 for 200 acres issued for services in the Virginia Continental line. This warrant was surveyed for Andrew Ellison as assignee in the Virginia Military district of Ohio. Three different patents were issued, one in 1813, another 1815 and the third in j 820. This warrant was issued Aug. 10, 1783. John Copeland (1) was born in Virginia, Sept. 30, 1775, and grew to manhood in his native state. They removed to Tennessee, where he married Sarah Short, who was born Christmas day 1778. They came to Illinois 1816; their children were James (2), Sarah (2), Samuel (2) who was born 1805, William (2), John (2), Joshua (2), born in Tennessee 1812, Sumner County, Isaac (2), Jane Gamble (2) born 1818, Alfred (2), Lousia (2). James (2) married Elizabeth. Sarah (2) married John L. Cooper and had James F. (3), born 1824, Juliet (3). James F. (3) married Mary J. Kitchell, 1846, who was born 1825. They had children Leora Ellen (4) born 1846, James M. (4), born 1850, Frank A. (4) born 1853. Leora Ellen (4) married Thomas Helm. This family moved to Beloit, Kansas many years ago. Juliet (4) married Jackson Yokum and had two sons, they lived near Grand Chain, Pulaski County. Samuel S. (2) married Sarah Allen and they had Allen (3), Perry (3), Mary (3), Samuel (3), Richard (3), James P. (3), Dewitt C. (3). Allen (3) married Cynthia Scroggins in 1858 and left one son who lived at Cheery Vale Kansas. Perry (3) married Sarah M. Wilcox and had several children, no history of but four of them, namely Jerome (4), Olive (4), Albert (4) and Otto Perry (4). Jerome (4) married Sarah Belle Grace and had Edytha (5), Estella (5), Elsie (5) and Mary Grace (5). Edytha (4) married Thomas Snyder and had Owal (6), and May Elsie (6). Elsie (5) married Arthur Britt, they have seven children and reside in Pulaski County. Mary Grace (5) married John Carroll of Metropolis, Ill., where they reside. Jerome (4) married a second time and left a daughter, Mrs. Edward Morkert who resides in Johnston City. Olive (4) married Charles Wood of Joppa, and had Jack (5). Albert (4) married Anna Lenn. Otto P. (4) married first Anna Waller of Villa Ridge, they had three sons. He removed to Arkansas where he married and had three daughters, and was killed in an automobile accident 1923. Mary (3) married Alexander McClean. Samuel (3) married Miss Lard and had two children. Richard (3) married Nancy Washburn and had children Elmer (4), A. Buel (4), Charles (4), Olive (4), May (4), Allen (4), Carrie (4), Flo (4). Elmer E. (4) married Delia Rimer and their children are Ruth (5), Paul (5), Esther (5). Ruth married a Mr. Batson. Buel (4) married Martha McCormick and had Lambert (5) and Fritchie (5). Charles (4) married Minty Fulkerson, children Hayward (5), Mildred (5) Ruby (5), Richard (5). Allen (4) married Lura Jackson and has Joseph H. (5), Margaret (5) Carl (5), and Raymond (5). Olive (4) married Charles Thirkeld, children, Albert (5) and Halfrey (5). May (4) married Aaron H. Muck and has Lucille (5), Majory (5) and Velma (5). Carrie L. (4) married J. J. Oneal. James J. (3) married first Louisa Washburn 1865 and they had Benjamin F. (4) who married and died leaving one son, James B. (5). Addie (4) who married J. M. Strike of Wichita, Kan., and they have Clifford S. (5) and Jennie T. (5). James P. (4) married second Mrs. Minnie (Boston) Brooks they have one son, John Wallace of Marion, Ill. Dewitt C. (3) married Miss Kidd and they had children James (4), Gertrude (4), Harry (4), Mamie (4), Louisa (4), Delia (4), May (4). Samuel (2) married second Mrs. Lucinda (Simpson) Fisher and had Louisa (3), who married a Mr. Pierce of Baxter Springs, Kan. Alonzo (3) married Mary Utley (4). William (2) married Malinda Allen and had Benjamin F. (3) born 1836 and married Margaret Leek of Massac County. They had Ishmael (4), William F. (4) Lena (4), Mary L. (4). Ishmael (4) married Emma and has Esther (5), Edna (5), Lela (5) and John (5). W. F. (4) married Ura and has Bea (5), Egbert (5), Wilma and Warba (5), William (5). Lena (4) married Edward Schmidt and they have Bessie (5), Alvin (5), Ethel (5), Floyd (5), Earl (5), Mary Evelyn (5). Mary L. (4) married John Borman and they have Sophia (5) and Mary (5). -John (2) married Ann Ward 1835 (who was born 1812) in Alabama and they had John Ward (3), Sarah Ann (3), James (3), William P. (3). John W. (3) married Mary J. Smith and they had Leora May (4), who married Pleasant T. (see Chapman). Sarah Ann (3) married Carrol Utley and had Mary (4), who married Alonzo Copeland (3). Sarah A. (3) married second William Mangum and has two children living, William (4) who lives at West Frankfort and Emma Yates who lives at Walnut Ridge, Ark. James (3) married Addie Porter of Pulaski County and they had William (4) who married Nanny Bartleson, and reside in Muskogee, Okla. David (4) married Anna Reese and they have Thomas Vandiver (5), Robert A. (5), Leota J. (5) Rachel A. (5), Fred R. (5) Samuel V. (5) Jefferson B. (5), Mary V. (5) Martha K. (5). This family resides in Blithesville Ark. James (3) married second Martha and had children, Bird (4), May (4) and several others. William P. (3) married first Ellen Barnett and they had Charles (4), who married Luella Benton and died leaving one son Ralph Ward (5). William (4); William P. married second Margaret Gandy and they had Edward (5) who married Clara Dench of Golconda; Elsie (4) at home and Jackson D. (4) who married Lora Threlkeld and they have Edward (5). Joshua (2) resided in Massac County, served that county as judge and was quite active in the affairs of his time. He married first Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Axley of the West Eden neighborhood, and they had MaryJane (3) born 1836, Franklin (3), Samuel L. (3), Melissa (3), Lawrence W. (3), Joshua Allen (3). Mary J. (3) married John Wright, 1857 and they had John Franklin (4) born 1858, William Joshua (4), Martha E. (4) born 1862, Melissa Adelia (4) born 1865, Clara (4). J. Frank (4) married Omega Woelfle and they had Effie Gertrude (5) who married Dr. W. A. Sim of Golconda and their children were Sarah Mary (6) born 1904, William F. (6) born 1907, Wright A. (6) born 1909. J. Fred (5) married Emma (Hight) Whiteaker and they have Josylin (6). J. Frank (4) married second Ivy Hardy and died leaving one daughter, Barbara (5). William J. (4) married first Mary Rinehart, they had Mary (5) who married Mr. Broyle of Los Angeles, California and had May (6) who married Alfred B. Spires, 1924. William J. Jr., (5) married Lillian Hogue 1914 and has Lillian Jane (5). William J. (4) married second Ethel Evers (4). Elizabeth (4) married W. B. Pritchett 1882 and had Vivian (5) who married Norman Casper of New Burnside this county and they have Elizabeth (6) and Priscilla (6). Adelia (5) married Charles McAlister of Cairo, Ill., and they have Mary June (6) and William Bradley (6). Adelia (4) married Lee Head, 1882 and had Lelia (5) who married Thomas W. Johnson, 1909. Lelia died 1918 leaving Albert Sidney (6) and Helen Leland (6). They reside in Newport, Ark. Clara (4) married H. C. Lentz, 1886 and they have Junita (5) who married Dr. Crowl of Anna, and Frederick (5), who married Gladys Styer of Anna, and they had Emily Diana (6). Franklin (3) married Rella Evers and had Frank (4). Samuel L. (3) married Margaret Beal, 1866 and they had Donnie May (4) and Samuel (4). Donnie May (4) married Arthur G. Jackson and they have Arthur C. (5), Margaret Crary (5) and Samuel Marion (5). Arthur C. (5) married Marie Rosenbaum and has Arthur C. Jr. (6). Margaret Crary (5) married Charles Foster of Fort Worth, Texas and has Charles W. (6) and Jack (6). Samuel (4) married Julia Coleman and had Eugene (5) and Samuel (5), both of whom served in the World War; Samuel (5) in the 6th Marines and was killed near Soisoms, France, July 19, 1918. Melissa (3) married John Bartleson. Mr. Bartleson is now a resident of Beloit, Kan. Lawrence W. (3) born 1847, married Laura Hitchcock, 1867, and they had Belle (4), John L. (4), Estella May (4), Ernest (4), Agustus (4), Tony (4), Hilda (4). Belle (4) married John Shipman and they have Rossie Gray (5), Ernest Rhea (5), Gladys (5), Halfred Lee (5), Bessie (5). Rossie G. (5) married Lillian Marlin and has John Marlin (6). John L. (4) married and died in Little Rock, Ark., 1922. Samuel (4) married and died in early manhood. Estella May lives in the old home with Hilda. Ernest P. (4) married Mamie Steincamp. Agustus (4) married Nona Henderson, they had Dorthy May (5). Agustus (4) married second Delia Wilson, they reside at Little Rock, Ark. Tony (4) married Walter Moreland; Hilda (4) married Lester Daily, they have Dorothy (5).
Most of this family lives in Metropolis. Joshu (2) married second Caroline Evers and they had Elizabeth (3), Ella (3), Mattie (3), Margaret (3), Charles (3), Alice (3), Sally S. (3). Elizabeth (3) married Thomas Starkes and they had Howard (4), who married Clara Taylor and has Ida Elizabeth (5). Garfield (4) married Maud Little and has Gwendolyn (5) and Maried (5). Roxie (4) married Elva Alexander and they have Clesis (5) and Charles William (5). Pearl (4) married Clarence Jacobs and they have Alton (5) and Irene (5). Alma (4) married Perry Little and has Harold (5) and Gerald (5). Ruth (4) married Wilburn Trumbo and has Forest (5). Susie (4) married Roy Barnett and has Roy Jr. (5). Ella (3) married William Douglas and has Eva Leota, (4), who married Charles Smith and has Orion G. (5), William G. (5) and Bessie Ellen (5). Aubry (4) married Elizabeth Bunch, has Lester (5), Roy (5), Velma May (5) John Fred (5) and Helen M. (5). Charles (4) married Ethel Sexton and has lone (5), Charles R. (5) and Homer S. (5). Claude (4) married Birdie Bunch and has Delphia (5), Clyde (5), Raymond (5) and Lillian (5). William Arthur (4) and J. Fred (4) are not married. Mattie (3) married first James McNanna and had Joshua (4), who married Clara Bivins and they have Joshua, Jr. (5). Paul (4) not married. Mattie (3) married second Edward Cockrel. Maggie (3) married William W. Clark and they have Ida (4) who married Gifford E. Landon and they have Naomi (5), Thelma (5) and live near Hanford. Charles H. (4) married Mary G. Nelson and they have Melburn Lee (5). He served in the World War, being in France fourteen months, was wounded and decorated. They reside in Fresno. Delphia (4) married Arthur J. Platzik, who served in the United States Navy during the World War. They have Max W. (5), Robert J. (5) and reside at Taft. Mrs. Clark and her family live in California. Charles (3) married Ella Mangum and had Gladys (4) who married John Hottel and has Carl (5) and Iva (5). Allie (3) married Mitt Barnett and they have Dwight (4) who married Else Gray and their children are Lana (5) and Doris (5). Leslie (4), Nellie (4) and Caroline (4) at home. Sally S. (3) married Jesse Hawkins and they have Ralph (4) who married Mariah Starks and their children are Louis (5), Lola May (5), Bernice (5), Robert (5). May (4) is a teacher and makes her home with her parents. Isaac (2) married Elanor Gore and their children were Crynthia (J) born 1837, John M. (3) born 1839, Sarah E. (3) born 1842, Mary M. (3) born 1846, Caroline (3) born 1849. Crynthia (3) married A. J. Axley (see West). Crynthia J. (3) married second Samuel Norval, and had Mary (4) (Gussie) who married Mr. McLean and had Clyde (5), Clarence (5), Floyd (5) and Lawrence (5). Margaret (4) married Mr. Carnahan. These two families reside in Portland, Oregon. John M. (3) served in the Civil War, in the 14th Cav., from Johnson County. He married Mary A. Rutledge, niece to Ann, and they have Mary Iva (4) who married Oscar Deans, a native of this county and they have Mary Jane (5). Sarah E. (3) married W. H. Walker, about 1861, and removed to Kansas, 1869; they had Belle (4) who married Mr. Brewer, Dora (4) married Mr. Cooley; Arthur (4) lives in California. Mary M. (3) married H. H. Spaulding 1866 in Kansas, where they lived many years, later moving to Portland, Oregon, where she still resides (1924) and they had Addie (4^, Lillian B. (4), Arlett C. (4), William (4), Lawrence (4). Addie (4) married Mr. Hostetler and had Nellie (5) who is a trained nurse residing in New York City and Lou (5) who married Clarence Marrow and they have Edith (6) and also reside in New York City. Lillian B. (4) married Alvin Giger, children Roscoe (5) who married Mary Neal and has Richard (6). Charlotte (5) married John Fisher and has Eugene (6). Arlett C. (4) married May Burchum and has Harold (6). William (4) married Ettie Rich and has Vida (5). Lawrence (4) married Bertha Pogue. Caroline (3) married A. H. Spaulding and had Maud (4), Elmer (4), Frank (4) George (4). Maud (4) married Seymore Haynes, and lives in Los Angeles, Calif., Ihe sons all live in the West.
Jane Gamble (2) born 1838, married Joel Braxton Mabry born 1809 and they had James Copeland (3), Robert Smith (3) born 1843, John Quincy (3) born 1845, William Duddley (3) born 1848, Sarah Rebecca (3) born 1855. James C. (3) married Lavinnia Sage, 1857, they had Susie Jane (4) born 1860, Lola May (4) born 1863, John C. (4) born 1866. Robert S. (3) killed at Fort Donelson, 1862. John Q. (3) married Sarah A. Sage, 1864 and had Eula B. (4) born 1868 who married Frank Trunkey, 1894 and had Marjory (5) born 1896, Neil Francis (5) born 1899, Elizabeth (5) born 1907. John Q. (3) married second Sarah E. Fuller 1874 and had Maud E. (4), Estella (4), Clarence E. married W. B. Pritchett 1882 and had Vivian (5) who married Norman (4), Elmer D. (4), Robert B. (4). Maude E. (4) married John Mahoney, 1898 and had Harrison (5) born 1899, Aithia (5) born 1903, and Eva (5) born 1908. Estella M. (4) married Frederick Minney 1907 and had Berkeley B. (5) born 1909. Clarence E. (4) married Laura, they had Elizabeth (5), born 1911. W. Dudley (3) was an M. E. minister and married Irene Dutton, 1870 and they had William Carrey (4) born 1871, Pearl (4) born 1883. William C. (4) married Bessie Mayne 1903 and had Jenett (5) born 1913, Elizabeth (5) born 1916. Pearl (4) married Lieut. C. Smith, married 1903. Sarah Rebecca (3) married P. D. Witzel 1870, and had Frank R. (4) born 1871 who married May Bowman 1899, Niel B. (4) who married Amoral Dennis and they had Valaski (5) born 1913, Suel (5) born 1915.
Alfred (2) married Catherine Elkins 1844 and they had Sarah Elizabeth (3) born 1845, Charlotte Temple (3), Louise (3), Martha (3), Sarah E. married Frank Hitchcock, 1863 and had children Ida F (4) born 1874, Louis G. (4) born 1882, Myrtle (4). Ida F. (4) married W. J. Mathis 1894 and they have Louis (5), Virgie (5) Herbert (5), Nina (5), Bernice (5) and Royal (5). Lewis (5) married Madge Evers and has Paul (6) and Ray (6). Virgie (5) married Ralph White and has William (6) and James Marion (6). Myrtle (4) mar ried Albert Evers 1896 and they had Eunice M. (5) born 1902. Myrtle (4) married second John Hillie and has two children, Lewis G. (4) married Iona B. Reed 1901 and has Letha Vera (5) born 1903, Lewis Clyde (5) born 1905, Madge Lorene (5) born 1908, Francis Reed (5) born 1910, Milfred G. (5) born 1915. Charlotte T. (3) married James R. Evers 1866 and they had William F. (4) born 1866, Elizabeth C. (4) born 1870, John R. (4) born 1874, Rollo P. (4) born 1876, Adolph L. (4) born 1880, Maud L (4) born 1882, James Hallie (4) born 1889. William F. (4) married Mary Greer and had Donabelle (5) who married Ernest Smith and has Francis W. (6), Mary E. (6). William F. (4) married second Sally Morgan and they had Fern (5), James W. (5), Charles C. (5), Albert (5) and John (5). Fern (5) married Lee Price and had Henry T. (6) born 1913, Elizabeth C. (4) married Dr. A. W. Tarr, 1901. John R. (4) married Ida Burns 1894 and had Paul (5), Seth (5), Vivian (5), Madge (5). Seth (5) married Silva Snell and they have Charles R. (6) born 1916. Madge (5) married Louie Mathis (5), 1917 and has Paul W. (6). John R. (4) married second Ivo Rhymer, 1918. Rollo P. (4) married Elizabeth E. Johnson, 1900. Adolphus L (4) married Merlia Morgan, 1920 and the have Rudell (5). James H. (4) married Neoma Hammond, 1906 and their children are Willard O. born 1908. James Hallie (4) married second Ettie Davis, 1917. Louise (3) married Enoch Anderson and had Sidney (4). Martha (3) married George Evers 1871, and had Clara (4), Charles (4), Ethel (4). Clara (4) married Charles Marshall of Belknap and they have William (5). Charles (4) married Lilly Williams and has Nell (5) who married Chris Weis, and Samuel (5) and Owen (5). Ethel (4) married W. J. Wright (4) of Dongola Alfred (2) married second Elizabeth Ramey and had Virginia (3) and Olive (3). The widow and children removed to Texas, years ago.
Louisa (2) married Jackson Simpson (see Simpson).
James P. Copeland, the son of Judge Samuel and Sarah Allen Copeland was born in Vienna, Ill., 1845. He was a descendant of John, who came to this county in territorial days. He was educated in the public schools and when a mere boy, entered a newspaper office in Anna, Ill. when only seventeen years old he enlisted in Company E, 60th Illinois Infantry, 1862. This regiment was attached to General Pope's command, and took part in the battles of Corinth, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Kennesaw Mountain, Marietta, Peach Tree Creek, and many others. He enlisted as a private, and was honorably discharged as a Lieutenant at the close of the war. He applied himself to gain further education and a little later, again took up the newspaper work, which he followed for sometime in this county. In 1874 he went to Marion, Ill., as editor of the Marion Monitor," one of Marion's early journals. He was also connected with the "Marion Leader," and other papers of that town. He retired from the newspaper work in 1901 and conducted a florist business for sometime before his death. Mr. Copeland was first married to Louisa Washburn, 1865 at Vienna, (see Copeland.) He was a member of the M. E. Church of Marion. He took an active interest in the church and all movements, for the improvement of the city and people where he lived and was always found at his post of duty. He died in the year 1914.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 357-364.

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