1925 Biography - Cummins

Cummins is the name of at least three families in Johnson County and all trace their ancestry to Kentucky, and are of Welch descent. Peter, Thomas, and Samuel A. were the three brothers. Peter is the head of one family; his children were Daniel T. (2) born in Kentucky, 1822, Amanda (2), George (2), Samuel C. (2), Betty Ann (2), Willis (2), Jerry (2) and Alexander (2). Daniel T. (2) settled near Reevesville sometime in the fifties, riding horseback, to Shawneetown to enter his land. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Jason B. Smith, and their children were Mary Ann (3), Martha Jane (3), Thomas N (3), William F. (3), Jerry S. (3), J. Wesley (3), Jason B. (3), Lewis G. (3), Henry M. (3), J. P. (3). Mary Ann (3) married James (see Marberry). Martha Jane (3) married F. M. Fisher and their children were Airy (4) who married Joel McClanahan. Robert (4) is a dentist of Chicago. Myrtle (4) married Alfred Ridenhower. Joseph A. (4) married Lily Poor and is a physician of Metropolois. Ruby (4) married Hary Cummins and Norma (4) married Mr. Purtel. Thomas N. (3) married Anna Rowland. William F. (3) married Sarah Williams. Jerry S. (3) married Nancy Rice. J. Wesley (3) married Kate Key. Jason B. (3) married Emma Kirk. Louis G. (3) married Jennie ____. Henry M. (3) married Maud Dickerson. J. P. (3) married Helen Upchurch. This branch of the Cummins family was an unusual one, the parents were devout Methodists and lived their religion in their home; Mrs. Cummins joined the church when she was nine years old. She has the distinction of being the mother of more ministers than any other woman in the county, state or United States, so far as is known. She has five sons who are Methodist ministers and all her Children are exemplary Christian citizens. This family held a reunion in 1907 and there were present ten children, thirty-five grandchildren and three great grandchildren. The mother and her ten children spent the night together in the old home. The other guests finding entertainment elsewhere. The mother and father have gone on years ago but the influence of their life is being broadcasted in many communities far from their humble home.
Amanda (2) married Thomas Garrett and their children were Virginia (3) who married John H. (see Clymer). Missouri (3) married Wiley F. (see Marberry). John (3) married Nora Harris and they had William Monroe (4) who married Mary Martin, they had Luella (5) who married Rilley Murray. John H. (4) removed to Texas. George (4) married Sadie Perry. James B. (4) married Edrice Pippins. Edward (4) married Pearl Kerley. Lannie (4) married Tine Phillips. Lewis (4) married Ruby Bowman. Most of this family have moved out of the county. George (2) married Elvira Gregg, and they had George (3) who married Sula Homer and had Pender (4) who married Ruth Hood of Vienna; they have Mary Louise (5). They have recently gone as missionaries to Upper Burman, India (1923). Pearl (4), Grace (4) Ruth (4) Jennie (4). This family removed to the West. William (3) married Melissa Jackson. Samuel C. (2) married Francis Arington and their children were George (3) who married Alice Harris, they had Otis (4), Opie (4) who married Edward Nix. Debby Ann (2) married Charles Holmes. Willis (2) married Queen Gregg. Jerry (2) married Lizzie Gramtham and had Belle (3) who married William Lane; Joseph (3), Anna (3) who married Dr. W r oodside. Alexander (2) married Missouri Harris and their children were Lida (3), who married Foster. James (3) married Dora Chapman and had Tullis (4); he married second Dora Gillespie and had Eva (4) and Nell (4).
Samuel A. Cummins was a brother to Thomas and Peter and came to this county from Kentucky, in company with other families, on a flat boat, sometime in 1845, living a while in Pope County. Samuel A. (1) married Lucy Ann Hard and they had Sophie (2) who married James Helm and lives in Samoth. Peter A. (2) resides near Reevesville. Deborah (2) married John Kelton of Paducah. Arminta (2) married Richard Boyles of Samoth. Idora (2) married Robert Knuckles of Metropolis. John L. (2) is a farmer of this county and married Sarah Griffith and their children are Ora (3), Idora Belle (3) Lucy Ann (3). Thomas (1) the other brother married Madaline Gregg, and their children were Belle (2) and Clayton (2). Belle (2) married Joseph Hale; they live near Bloomfield. Their children were Robert A. (3), May (3), Offie (3) Roscoe (3), R. A. (3) was a physician of this county practicing in the Bloomfield community where he resided. He was a graduate of Barnes Medical School of St. Louis, Mo., and died when comparatively a young man. He married first Mary Cowan, who died without children; second Maud, daughter of D. F. Beauman. They had Joseph (4), Caroline (4), Robert (4). Mrs. Hale removed to Centralia, Ill. May (3) married Obe Dunn and has Chatty (4), Eva (4), Herschel (4). Chatty (4) married J. Gurley and has Herbert (5). Clayton (2) married Alice Porter and they had Elza (3) who served in the World War and died while in training in Colorado. Lula (3) married Giles Taylor. John (3) married Stella Kincannon; Earl (3) and Arle (3).

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 365-367.

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