1925 Biography - Manuel Farris

Manuel E. and Elizabeth (Jones) Farris were Virginians, bur emigrated to Tennessee in the early part of the Nineteenth century. Their youngest son was Thomas G., born in Giles County, that state, 1823, and when about twenty-one years old came to Union County, Ill., but later entered land in Johnson County, which is a part of the six hundred acres on which he lived at the time of his death. He brought his mother to this home where she lived many years. He was a first class farmer of his time and his widow and youngest son still resides on the farm. Thomas G. (2) married Catherine Gillespie and they had Stephen (3), who married Frances Helm, they had Loyd (4), Retta (4), Allice (4). Loyd (4) married May Jamison and has Marion (5) and Frances (5). Retta (4) married Thomas Duncan and has Helen (5) and Donald (5). Alice (4) married Byron Dunn. After Catherine's death, Thomas G. (2) married Amanda Gillespie and their children are J. F. (3), who married Mary Grissom, also a native of this county, their children are Dawes (4), who married Zona (see Simpson). Mamie (4) married H. A. Spann (see Simpson) and Maple (4) in school. Charles (3) married Mary Terrhanious. Tennie (3) married Joshua Howell (see Simpson). Nettie (3) manTed William Grissom and had Curtis (4), Dorthy (4) and Mildred (4). Nora (3) married Thomas Cowan (see Worley). Lilly (3) married George (see English). Neoma (3) married Edward Carlton, has Dale (4), Lewis (4) and Ned (4). This family resides at Coulterville, Ill., where Mr. Carlton is cashier of the First National Bank of that city. Dr. G. K. (3) married Edith Burnett. Maude (3) is the widow of Roscoe Walker and has Joseph (4). Ward (3) married Bernice McMecan. The children are Mildred (4), Dema (4), Florence (4). He lives on the home farm. Other members of Emanuel and Elizabeth's family were Ned (2) who married Elizabeth Ball and had Mary (3), who married Pleasant (see Rose). Minerva (3) married John Howell and had Claud (4). Malinda (3) married James Stout, their children were Edward (4) and Thomas (4). John M. (3) married Margaret Murrie, children Hartzel (4), Edward W. (4), Lawrence (4), Charles (4), Mrs. Dick Morgan (4) and Mrs. Duff Howell (4). Ned Farris (2) married second Mary Wilsford; children living, J. W. of Bloomfield and Fred. William (3) married Sarah Redden. They had children, Charles (4), Alonza (4), John (4), William (4), Newton (4), Joseph (4), Alice (4), Martha (4), Sidney (4). Most of this family have left the county. Irene (2) married William Keith and their children were John (3), who married India Grissom, and had William (4), James (4), Lula (4), Charles (4), Mabel (4) and George (4), who resides in San Diego, Calif., where his mother makes her home. William (4) has been an employe of the War College, Washington, D. C. for many years and reached the rank of Major during the World War. Irene (3) married Pleasant Veach (see Chapman). Thomas (3) married Mary Slack and had Ida (4), James (4), Nora (4), and John (4). Mary (2) married Blant Keltner and their children were Ned (3), Louis (3), John (3) Stephen (3) and Alice (3) who married Thomas C. Murrie. Most of this family are residents of this county. One other daughter of Manuel and Elizabeth married Neal Carter, Sr.
J. F. Farris was born in this county and for years was a first class farmer, residing four miles east of Vienna. He moved to Vienna to give his children the benefit of the schools about fifteen years ago and engaged in the farm implement, hardware and transportation business which he has followed with success.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 374-375.

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