1925 Biography - Robert Fisher

Robert M. Fisher was born in Johnson County, 1843, and descended from William Fisher, which is among the earliest names found on the county record. William (1) came to this county about 1810 from Indiana. William Fisher (2), son to the former, and the father of our subject was born in this county in 1816, died in the prime of life when R. M. was one year old. He was reared on a farm and attended public school occasionally, but the most of his education was gained outside of school, having a preference for law, he began the study of law under John F. McCartney of Massac County, and studied later under Judge Duff of Benton, Franklin County. He opened an office in Vienna 1873, and continued to practice here till 1895 when he left the county, going to Oklahoma. Mr. Fisher held office in the county, was elected County Superintendent of Johnson County Schools in 1869. In 1876 he was elected to the office of Prosecuting Attorney and again in 1888, as a republican. He married first, Mary E. Fisher (see Simpson.) Mr. Fisher married second, Mrs. G. O. Hamilton, who was a native of Williamson County. They had Amy and Mildred. Amy married Charles Johnson, resides in Canton, Ohio. Mildred married Robert Kerr, and resides in Tulsa, Okla. Mr. Fisher lives at present (1924) at Long Beach, Calif.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 377.

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