1925 Biography - John Gore

John Gore, tradition says, was born in Georgia, and came to Kentucky and from there to this county in a very early day. He served on a petit jury here iin 1816. He is always referred to as John Gore and according to the best knowledge to be obtained, had six children, namely Thomas (2), Elenor (2), Martha (2), Walton (2), one daughter who married William Elkins and another who married Henry Jones. Thomas (2) married Abby Bridges and had Charlotte (3), Mary (3), Benton and Martha (3). Charlotte (3) married R. W. Carlton and had Martha (4) who married Al Chance, and had Dolly (5), Gertrude (5) married Mr. Cache, Pauline (5) married Mr. Cochran; Crynthia (4) married Charles Wright, John (4) married Minnie Mc Daniels, Thomas (4) married Flora Rebman (see Slack), Bud (4) married Mindy Hooker and had William (5), John (5), Edward (5), Eva (5). Eva (5) married Grant Carter. Elenor (2) married Isaac (see Copeland). Martha (2) "Patsy" married W. Y. Davis, an influential man of Mt. Pisgah neighborhood, who served in the State Legislature about 1831, and their children were Eliza (3), Mary J. (3) Alexander M. (3), Martha (3), Caroline (3), Elandor (3), William Y. (3), Elizabeth (3), Izora (3). Mary J. (3) married Millington (see Smith). Elizabeth (3) married Etheldred Jones (see West). William Y. (3) married Althia Hawk and had Frank (4), Roxanna (4), who married Elmer Deans (see West). Laura May (4), Charles Ray (4), W. Y. (4) and Nellie (4). Frank (4) married a daughter of Isaac Slack. Laura May (4) married Oscar Goddard. Mrs. Davis and her daughter Nellie resides with her son, Frank in Oklahoma. Alexander M. (3) married Jennie Newton and lived in Union County. Martha (3) married John Mathis had one child; married second Jesse Lowery. Caroline (3) married William Bradley of Cypress and had Laura (4), John (4), Rufus (4) Lilly (4), Agustus (4), William (4), Arlett (4), Thomas (4). Laura (4) married Sylvester Adams and had Hosea (5), Dallas (5), Audry (5), Jesse (5), Carrie (5), Bessie (5). John (4) married Mrs. Josephine Brown and they had Geneva (5). Rufus (4) married Josie Boggs and had Myrtle (5) and Roy (5). Lily (4) married Aurelius Jones, they have Lester (5), Curtis (5), Hobert (5), Pearl (5), Arnold (5). Agustus (4) married Miss Osborn and the children were Arthur (5), George (5), and Gilbert (5). William (4) married first Narvisa Bridges (see Bridges); married second Ruth Ragains, and has Louise (5), Paul (5), Vernon (5), Betty Lou (5). Arlett (4) married Cora Ragsdale and the children were Edna (5), James (5) and June Victor (5). Walton (2) entered land in section 36, Township 12, Range 2 east, 1818. This land is now owned by John B. Jackson. He entered another tract in 1839 of forty acres in section 25, Township 12, Range 2 east. He later moved to Goreville Township. He married first Miss Finney and they had John W. (3), who was born 1821 and married Mary J. Bruff and they had Wesley (4), James (4) born 1851, Thomas (4), Martha (4). Wesley (4) married Miss Walker; they reside in Champaign, Ill. James W. (4) married Ellen F. Ridenhower and their children are Olive (5), Estella (5) married Harry Barkley and has Dinty (6). James (5) died 1924, leaving a family in Longbeach, Calif. Olive (5) married Clyde Webber of Galatia, Ill. Thomas (4) married Mexico Parish and they had John (5). Thomas (4) married second Mrs. Bivins Sheppard and has two sons. Martha (4) married John Jones. Walton (2) married second Polly Bain and their children were Wesley (3), who married Miss Snow, Thomas B. (3) was a physician, a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis, Mo., and practiced in the neighborhood of Goreville for fifty years. He was born 1847 and died 1917. He married Virginia McGeehe and their children were Norma (4), Addison (4), George (4), T. J. (4), Norma (4) married Mr. Mozeley, George W. (4) is a physician, T. J. (4) married Gertrude Cowan (see Worley), Dr. T. B. (2) married second Tennie Haliburten and they had Charles (4) and Bertha (4). Sarah (3) married James M. (see Smith). Amanda (3) married Thomas Henderson and had Samuel (4). Martha (3) married Thomas Ballow and their children were James (4), Eli (4), Mary (4), Sarah (4), John (4). James (4) married Josephine Grissom. Eli (4) married Markaret Walker, they had Catherine (5), Augustus (5), James (5), May (5), Anna (5). Catherine (5) married J. P. Hullinger. Augustus (5) married May Henderson. James (5) married Bertie Keenen, they have Glayds (6). James M. (6), Roy lee (6). May (5) married W. G. Jackson and died without children. Anna (5) not married. Mary A. (4) married Andrew Cox, had Ira (5), Verda (5), Bertha (5), Bessie (5), Evyline (5). Gipsy (5), Ira (5) married Madge Whittenberg (see Chapman). Verda (5) married Gertrude McCall. Bertha (5) married Almus (see Veach. Preston (3) the youngest, married Isabel Canady, and they had Ida (4), who married John Corbit, Myrtle (4) married Orbe Peterson (see Reynolds). Robert (4) married Miss Albright. Effie (4) and Gertrude (4) at home.
Jennie Gore was a pioneer of this county and her granddaughter, Mrs. R. J. Copeland says she was an aunt to Patsy Davis which would mean that she was a sister to John Gore. Jennie (1) married Mr. Peterson (judging from court records, his name was William (and had Joshua (2) and Lydia (2). Joshua (2) married Nancy Spence, 18315, and their children were William W. (3), Thomas (3), Elizabeth (3), born 1838, Sarah (3), Owen G. (3), Isaac (3). William W. (3) was a prominent man of his time and was engaged in the mercantile business for a number of years in this county. He married Mary Ann Gray (see Reynolds). Thomas (3) married Sarah Martin, Elizabeth (3) married Francis M. McGee, 1857. Sarah (3) married John Reynolds and had Amanda (4) who married Charles Barnwell. Owen G. grew up in the West Eden neighborhood, and served the county as assessor and treasurer. He married Elizabeth Dubois, and their children were Nora (5), Ruth (5), Nancy (5). He removed with his children to Texas. Isaac (3) was an M. E. minister who died a young man. Lydia (2) married William (see West). Jennie Gore (1) married second John Deans and their children were W. D. (2) born 1826, Mary A. (2), Eliza (2), Dolly (2), Elizabeth (2). W. D.' (2) married Mary Axley (see West). W. D. (2) married second Mrs. Jane (Peeler) Axley and they had children Molly (3), who married George Rilley. Ida (3) married L. R. Brady, W. D. (3) married Maud Hess (see Chapman), Oscar (3) married Ivy (see Copeland). Charles (3) married Sidney Rose, and resides on the Golconda and Vienna road in Grantsburg township. Mary A. (2) married William Carter (see West). Eliza (2) married Owen Peterson (whose first wife was a Mercer) and had Elizabeth (3) who married Robert Norval, and Ellen (3) who married John Culver. Eliza (2) married second William Norval and had Josephine (3). Dolly (2) married James Barton and the children were Alice (3) who married John Reynolds, Stephen (3) who married Adeline Beggs and Lilly (3) who married Thomas Barnwell. Elizabeth (2) married Mr. Smith and had one son. Elizabeth (2) married second Mr. Washburn, children Louisa (3) who married James (see Copeland) Nancy (3) married Richard (see Copeland). Elizabeth (2) married third Henry Hardy and had children Jedediah (3) and Lydia (3) who married Clark Axley. Following from Court Records. One John W. Gore married Helen, died 1853. He owned land near the present home or Grant Carlton on the Goreville road. He had children, Cassandra J. who married Wilson Brown (2), Lydia Ann who married Linsfield Shardick, two minor children Josiah P. and Jacob F. Edward Dooly was their guardian and Barnett Gore signed the bond of Helen. Josiah P. Gore born 1839 was a resident of this county and was a son of John F. and Elizabeth (Penrod) Gore, also residents here. The parents of John F. were Thomas and Lydia Gore who were very early settlers of Union County. Josiah P. married Nancy E. Wilhelm and had children Elizabeth, Barnett, Otto, Josiah, Cassandra, Peter, Margaret, Rosetta. Caroline Gore called "Sisy" was a native of this county and married first John Bridges and had John and Ida. She married second, a Mr. Chapman and moved from this county. Daniel Gore is the founder of one branch of the Gore family If Jennie was a sister of John, it is quite probable that John W. belonged to the family of Daniel. That would place Jennie, John and possibly Daniel in the same generation.
Joshua Gore died in 1820. Jeremiah Lisenby and George Brazel were the appraisers of his estate. John W. Gore, the administrator. The following is an account against the estate of Joshua Gore: "one quarter schooling, $2.50; to repairing old plow share and making a coulter $3.75 Hezikiah West,"John Bridges took the acknowledgement. Joshua Gore's will, "to-wit: That a certain bay horse then four years old be given to his son James after his death, and that a certain colt, one year old last spring should in like manner be given to his son, William, and the deponent further states that they were present and heard that testator pronounce the said words and that they believe him to be at that time of sound mind and that he did at the same time desire that such was his will, or words to that effect. Signed and sworn to, November 14, 1820, John W. Gore, Eleanor Gore."
John Gore cried the sale of William Peterson, Sr., he put in a bill which was allowed, September, 1816. James Hawkins, John and Thomas Peterson were the attests. Signed, John Gore.
Some of this is tradition, some parts of it have been copied from the court records, but not enough data could be gathered to trace the family from one direct line.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 383-386.

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