1925 Biography - William & James Harper

Two brothers, William and James Harper, came to this county in 1833 and settled near what is now Reynoldsburg. They were good farmers, also took a great interest in church and morality. James being a Methodist preacher. William Harper (1) married a Miss Morris and had Goves (2) who married Sarah Douglas, removed to White County; James (2) married Rebecca Rushing and removed to Arkansas in 1872. William Dean (2) married Fannie Kuykendall and had James G. (3), Joseph W. (3), George Perry (3), Sarah (3), Rosa (3), Lydia (3), Mary Alice (3). James G. (3) married Hulda Belle Pitman; children were Harry (4), William (4), Elizabeth (4) who married Samuel Choat, Charles (4). Joseph W. (3) married Rachel Casey. They had George P. (4), John L. (4), James (4), Lee (4), Guy (4), Frank (4). George Perry (3) married Rebecca Russell and their children are Fannie (4), Ira and Orlin (4), Herschel (4) Sarah (3) married W. R. Hammons, a Methodist minister. Rosa (3) married West Jobe. Lydia (3) married Ira Covert. Mary Alice (3) married Joe Hammond.
James (1) married Rhoda (Jackson) Perkins, mother of Captain William Perkins. James and Rhoda had Anna (2), who married Charles Burnett and they had Ethel (3), who married Marshall Steel and had Anna Louise (4), Burnett (4), Charles (4), Marshall (4). Sally (2) married John Ragin; the children were Joseph (2), John (2), Daniel (2); Jessie (2) married third Elizabeth Hicks and raised a family in this county; Polly (2) married Richy Oliver; Cynthnia and Rhoda (2) never married.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 388.

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