1925 Biography - Jacob Harvick

Jacob Harvick's Revolutionary War record is found under that head. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1752, and was a resident of North Carolina when the Revolutionary War broke out and removed from Moore County that state to Georgia in 1795 as a recommendation from the citizens of Monroe county now in the possession of Mrs. T. E. McCall his great granddaughter will show and reads as follows "State of North Carolina, County of Moore, Wheras the bearer, Jacob Harvick has signified to us his intention of removing himself to the frontiers of Georgia, be it therefore known to whom it may concern, that the said Harvick has been a resident of the county for upwards of eight (indistinct) * * * * citizen supported an irreproachable character, maintained his family in honesty and credit, worthy to be received as a neighbor or admitted as a worthy character into any Christian society; he being a peaceable, sober and ,well disposed man. Given under our hands, this 3rd day of October 1795." (Signatures were blurred). Just what time he came to this county is not definitely known but his son, Martin was a lieutenant in the Militia here 1812. He was no doubt of German descent as the name is spelled Harwick or Harvick. He settled on the farm now owned by Charles Taylor in Bloomfield Township. He must have been rather vigorous for a man of seventy-five as he was fined for assault and battery in this county in 1827. His wife's given name was Catherine. He died 1833. Tradition says he and wife died about the same time from measles, and are buried in the Johnson Cemetery east of Vienna. His grave was marked as a Revolutionary soldier by the Daniel Chapman Chapter D. A. R. 1912. Martin Harvick, a son entered the land now owned by John Sanders and P. T. Chapman being a part owner of the farm just east of the drainage ditch and the home farm of Sanders.
Adam, another son entered land in 1818 now owned by W. J. Brown and N. E. Leonard in Bloomfield Township. His name appears on the court records for several years afterwards, but no other history of him or family can be traced. Martin Harvick served in many responsible positions in the county as the records reveal. He held office in the militia and was captain of a militia district. "The bounds lying north of the waters of Cache and known as the Ponds." He was known as Captain Harvick. His granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Harvick Damron says his wife, Nancy Fisher was a half sister to Jack Fisher who married Lucinda Simpson, Sally who married a Mr. Fields and Rachel who married Hight Green. They were supposed to be the children of King Fisher. A lawsuit on the docket shows Nancy and Martin Harvick among the heirs who brought a suit against King Fisher's estate.
The children of Jacob Harvick (1) and Catherine were Martin (2), Adam (2), Amanda (2) and two other daughters. Martin Harvick (2) married Nancy Fisher and had children Elizabeth (3), born 1822, Granville (3), born 1823, Grandison (3), born 1825, Adam (3), born 1827, Harrison (3) born 1829, Sarah Adeline (3), born 1831. (This far copied from family Bible). Rebecca (3), Amanda (3), Mary (3), John L. (3), born 1837. Elizabeth (3) never married.
Granville (3) married Mary Hogg and they had John (4), Cynthia (4), both died in youth.
Grandison (3) married Minerva Cochran and they had Laura Jane (4), Otis E. (4), Ann (4), Frank (4), Nell (4). Laura J. (4) married James Mathis and they had Grace (5), Ora (5), Goldie (5), Francis (5), and Agnes (5). Grace (5) married Victor Boudreau. Agnes (5) married George Cheery and has Laura Jane (6). James • Mathis with his daughter, Francis is a resident of Vienna, Ill. Frank (4) married Alice Yow, he died a few years after and left Charles (5). Ann (4) married William Newton and has Larry (5) who married Maud Beals and they have Christine (6) and Marie Louise (6) Otis (4) married Margaret Lehman. Nell (4) married Fred Edmonds and they have Antonette (5), Paul (5), Fred (5) and live in Springfield, Mo.
Adam (3) married first Martha Hogg, second Amanda Burris and had one son, who died in youth; and third Elizabeth Alexander. Adam became a very rich man for this county, and having no direct heirs, in his old age, he willed his property to Samuel Carter, a grand nephew. After Adam's death the other heirs contested the will and secured part of his estate.
Harrison (3) married Catherine Clay and they had two daughters, Mary C. (4) who married Valetine Nestlerodt and had James (5), Maud (5), Downey (5), Essie (5), Andrew (5), Morris (5), Harrison (5) and Fannie (5). James (5) married Dulcia and had four children, Maud (5) married George Carter and had Erma (6), Georgia (6), Francis (6). Andrew (5) married Catherine and moved out of the county. Essie (5) married Carl Cackley and has three children. Morris (5) married Dorris Johnson. Harrison (5) married Fay Carter. Fannie (5) married and lives at Mayfield, Kentucky. Most of this family live at Cypress, this county. Amanda Belle (4) married James H. Carter and has Frances (5), Samuel (5), Lucy May (5), Harry (5), Frank (5). Fannie (5) married Charles M. Pickens who is a leading merchant of Vienna and a native of the county. They have Helen (6) and Frances (6). Samuel (5) married Myrtle Hight who died leaving Myrtle (6) who married John Peck and they have Penelope (7). Samuel (5) married second Viola Hight and has Mary (6) who married Dr. John Mour and has John (7). Samuel Jr. (6) resides at home. All this family live at Tempe, Ariz. Lucy May (5) married Dr. T. E. McCall, a native of this county, a graduate of Rush Medical College, Chicago, who practiced in this county successfully for years. They removed to Phoenix, Arizona, about 1919, where he continues his profession. Harry (5) who is employed in the revenue department of the Danville district married Daisy Huffman and has Rudell (6) and Harry (6). Frank (5) married Mabel Galeener and has Harold (6), Mary Belle (6), Frank, Jr., (6). Frank is a physician of San Diego, Calif. Neal (5) the youngest resides in Vienna, married Ethel Veach (see Chapman).

Harrison (3) married second Frances Utley and they had David (4), Mattie (4), Alice (4), Edward (4) and George (4). David (4) married Lois Albritten and had Thurman (5), Ewing (5), Elvin (5). George (5) and Loren (5) who married Mabel Mathis. Mattie (4) married Allen Veach (see Chapman). Alice (4) married Agusta Parker and has Gladys (5), Beatrice (5), Francis (5), Georgia (5). They live in Los Angeles, Calif. Edward (4) married Ada Kincey and has Francis (5) who married Buell Carlton. Martha (5), Edna (5), Clara Belle (5), Harrison (5). George (4) married Lilly Sutliff.
Sarah Adeline (3) married Mr. Elms and had John F. (4) who married Mrs. Melissa (Scott) Jenkins. Rebecca (3) married James Hogg and they had John (4), Nanie (4), Pole (4), William (4), Emma (4), Edward (4), Horry (4), Harry (4), Mary (4), Maud (4). John (4) was a resident of St. Louis, Mo., many years. Nanie (4) married J. S. Francis and had Edward (5), Charles (5), Hal (5), Harvey (5), Fay (5), George (5). Edward (5) married Margaret Wallace of this county. Fay (5) married Henry Bengle of Springfield, Ill. and has Francis (6). Mr. Francis moved with his family to Springfield, Ill. about 1898, where his widow and children now reside. Emma (4) married a Mr. Bankston. Mary (4) married Mr. Jones. Rev. Hogg removed to Bethney, Ill. years ago, and none of this family lives in the county. Amanda (3) married A. J. Henry. Mary (3) married C. N. Damron and had Cass (4) who married in California and died in early manhood leaving three daughters. Flora (4) married Charles Dunscomb of Bethney, Ill. and they removed to California where he owns and publishes the "Berkeley Gazette" and is quite an influential man in his state. Mrs. C. N. Damron and Mrs. Amanda Henry grand daughters of Jacob, the revolutionary soldier reside in San Bernardino, Calif.
Amanda Harvick (2) married Joel Johnson, one of the earliest settlers of this county, they resided east of Vienna on a farm on which the Johnson Cemetery is now located. His name appears quite often on the early records; he served on a jury here in 1814. They had Margaret, (Peggy) (3), Louisa (3), Joel (3), John C. (3). Peggy (3) married Henry Cook Howell and had John (4), Joseph H. (4), Jennie (4), George (4), James (4), William (4), Amanda (4), Pleasant (4), Samuel (4), Mary (4), Bell (4), Artaborn (4), Agustus (4). Joseph (4) married Belle Cummins and had Walter (5), and Carl (5). Jennie (4) married Sterling Hollaway and had Marlow (5), Holly (5), Alvin (5), John (5), George (4) married Sarah Shelton and had Floy (5), Joseph (5), Ernest (5). They reside in Massac County. James (4) married Lula Abbott, and had Daisy (5) who married Melvin Harris and they had Wilma (6), Marie (6), Douglas (6), Esther (6), Donald (6). Wilma (6) married S. J. C. Hess; Marie (6) married Robert Veach and has Roberta (7) and Mary Lou (7). Douglas (6) married Bertie Shelter and has Majorie Lee (7). Amanda (4) married Henry Philips. Pleasant (4) married Fannie Sutliff and removed to Canada. Samuel (4) married Ida Cagel and has Orville (6). Mary (4) married Douglas Helm and has Roy (5), Lloyd (5), Herbert (5), Verna May (5). Roy (5) married Mabel Moore and has Robert (6), Mary (6). Herbert (5) married Louise Leonard. Belle (4) married Dr. John Wymore and had Lannus (5) and Mabel (5) who married Ralph Shelton and has John (6). Belle (4) married second Isaac Debman and has Velva (5). Artaborn (4; married Ann Cagle and has Erma (5), Elba (5) and Frieda (5). Agustus (4) married Laura Bruce and has Dalmads (5).
John C. (3) married Melissa Johnson (3) and had William (4). Louisa (3) married Thomas Harrington, children Jane A. (4) married John James Walker. Benjamin H. removed to Ohio. Mary A. (4) married D. C. Huckelberry, had Ida (5), Ira (5), Charles (5). Ida (5) married M. N. McCartney and has Marcia May (6) who married Sidney Howell, they have Sidney Jr. (7) and reside in New York state. Alabeth (6) is a teacher in New York State. Mary A. (4) married second Commodore Friganza of Mound City, Ill. They had Willis (5). Martha A. (4) married Edward Conner of Metropolis, Ill. Joseph (4) and Ellen (4) never married. No knowledge of Frank (4) Joel (3) married Miss Simmons, children Sidney (4), Mary (4), and Ann (4) who married Frank Gillespie, they had Franklin (5), Dora (5), Arminta (5). This family removed to Williamson County. Mrs. Mary Damron, now living, says her father, Martin Harvick had three sisters, one married Jesse Canady, another Sabert Choat. The names of these men appear on the early county records but no further knowledge could be obtained of the families.

Extracted 06 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 388-392.

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