1925 Biography - William Marberry

William Marberry came to this county from Alabama some time before the Civil War. He lived here many years and was ninety-eight when he died having been born about 1823. He was noted for his marksmanship, enjoyed hunting and killed squirrels after he was ninety-two years of age. A man of fine character and influence. He married Drucilla Daniels and their children were Wiley (2), born 1847, James (2), William (2) (called Bud), John L. (2), Tennie (2), Wiley F. (2) was a prominent Methodist and influential man and was serving the county as Assessor and Treasurer at the time of his death. He served in the Civil War in Company K of the Kentucky Cavalry. He resided on a farm near Reevesville until his election, when he moved to Vienna. He married Missouri Garett 1866 and their children were Amanda (3), who married Charles Stevenson and had issue, Florence (4) who married Ed. Doughterty, Ethel (4), married Wendel Cummins, May (4) married Dr. Robert Marshall. Grant (3) married Laura Reed, they had Carrie (4), who married Edward Hubbard, Clara (4) married Looney Gray, Alma (4) married Alfred Radlof. Charles (3) married Luia Ryan, they had Minnett (4), Jeannett (4) and lives in Oklahoma. Franklin (3) married Ruth Mc Call. Ivy (3) married Mabel Hodge. Jennie (3) married Henry McClanahan. Bertha (3) married Dr. William Thompson of Cypress, Ill., and they have William Glen (4), Berneta May (4) and Mary Sou (4). Tenny (3) at home. James (2) reared his family in the neighborhood where he was born, was a good farmer, always active and interested in the church and any movement that was for the good of the community. He married Mary Ann Cummins and their children were William T. (3), who married Myrtle Brewer; J. Oscar (3) married Florence Edmiston, is a teacher, residing in Rockford, Ill., Elizabeth (3) married George A. Dunn, a Methodist minister of Vandalia, Ill. Daniel (3) married Myrtle Parker she died leaving James (4), Catherine (4). C. W. married Jeannet Austin. Maud (3) at home. Ruth (3) married B. N. Beane; Ethel (3) married F. P. Nixon; Harry L. (3) married Ila Morgan, resides in Carbondale, Ill.; Jason M. (3) married Edna Cowling, is a resident dentist also of Carbondale. James Marberry moved to Massac County several years ago, residing in Metropolis. William (2) (Bud) married Caroline Harmon, and their children were Anna (3), John (3), Leonard (3), Frank (3), Adah (3), Ward (3). Anna (3) married Albert Cagle, children William (4), Eva (4); John (3) married Margaret Gifford, children Leonard (4). Violet (4); Leonard (3) married Buelah Lindsey; Frank (3) married Birdie Robins; Ward (3) married Minnie Shinn; Ada (3) at home. John (3) married second Olive Tune; William (2) was a farmer of this county living here all his life and was esteemed by all who knew him. He died in 1923. Tennie (2) married W. J. Reed; John L. (2) married Emma Glass and their children are Lucas (3), who married Lelia Beetel; Ray (3), Paul (3) married Bessie Wormack, Frank (3) and Nellie (3); John L. is a prosperous and dependable citizen of this county and resides on the home farm.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 403-405.

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