1925 Biography - William McFatridge

William McFatridge settled in this county about 1810, eight miles east of Vienna. He was said to be of Irish descent and from the best information to be obtained, came originally from North Carolina. He was quite prominent in the official affairs of the county in its infancy, served as justice of the peace in 1818, was a delegate to the first constitutional convention and also served in the States Legislature. His estate was settled by Ivy Reynolds, 1840. There is a chancery suit on record in that year in which his wife, Nancy, with John, George Washington, Sarah, Mary and Micheal Hale, Margaret and Ezekiel Choat, Nancy and Simon Jones, Matilda and Richard Riddle, were given as defendants and are supposed to be the widow and children of William McFatridge. Traditions says, Washington McFatridge removed from this county many years ago and there is no further knowledge of him. Ezekiel Choat lived in Burnside Township, 1828 and left many descendants in that section, but there can be no authentic data except the above as to his family relations, and no knowledge of any of this family except John (2), who married Margaret Bain and they had Preston (3), he married Nicenda McCorcle and had John Henry (4), Margaret (4), Joseph Brooks (4), Grant (4), Kate (4), Norma (4), Robert (4). John Henry (4) married Susanna Bain and had John (5), Ruth (5) and Abner (5). John (5) not married. Abner (5) married Miss Taylor. Ruth (5) married Charles King and has three children. Margaret (4) married Franklin Murrie and had Emma (5), Daisy (5), Margaret (5), May (5). Emma (5) married W. H. (see Carter). Daisy (5) married Dave Ragsdale and left one daughter, Velma (6). May (5) married Arthur Throgmorton and has Robert (6), Marguerite (6), and Arthur Jr. (6). Margaret (5) married Earl D. (see Veach). Joseph B. (4) married Nancy Mount and they have Bertha (5) who married Mr. Foy. Charles (5), Walter (5) married Etta (see Whiteside); Ola (5) married Earl Simpson. Grant (4) married Letha Simmons. Kate (4) married George Brown, one child, Lula (5) who married Oscar (see Simpson). Kate (4) married second Jefferson (see Reuben Brown) and had Guy (5), Reuben (5), Ray (5), Walter (5), Clyde (5), Ruth (5). Norma (4) married James P. (see Simpson).

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 413.

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