1925 Biography - Morgan

The Morgans were a large family who came originally from Virginia to Tennessee and on to Illinois during the Civil War. The father of the family in this county was Pleasant M. (1), who lived in Tennessee, his children were Thomas (2) who married Nancy Dale children, Wm. R. (3), Albert (3), Emmerson (3), Emma (3), Geo. (3), Isaac (3), all have families and reside in Massac and Johnson Counties. B. R. Morgan (2) was a prosperous farmer of Vienna Township. He married Jalia Lemon and their children were Pleasant (3), Francis (3), (Coo), Orlando (3), Alice (3), Richard (3), Thomas (3), Olivia (3); Orlando Morgan (3) is an attorney and has been a resident of Vienna since early manhood, beginning his career as a lawyer at this place. He is well and favorably known throughout the county, having been elected twice to the office of States Attorney, and also to that of county judge. He married Addie, daughter of Rev Green Smith ,of Massac County. She was known for her loyality to her church, the Baptist, her usefulness to the community and her love able disposition. She died 1923 leaving Elizabeth (4), who married E. Davis of Sedalia, Mo.; Benjamin (4) a student at the University of Illinois. Thomas (3) is a physician and after following his profession several years at Goreville, removed to Humbolt, Ill., where ne continues his practice. He married Charlotte Ricinger, of Massac County. Julia (2) married Allen (see Boyt). Alexander (2) married Elizabeth Sexton. Jessie (2) married Paradee Lassiter and they had Minnie (3), who married Curtis Robey. Jesse (2) married second Samirimus Carlton and had Nellie (3) who married Elmer BrowD Ellen (2) married William Winchester and had James (3), who married Maud Donaghy, Robert (3) married Omega Redden, and their children are Ernest (4), who married Genia Leach and has Alice Margaret (5); Bernard (4) married Walter Smith, who is a grocer of Vienna and they have Grover (5); Lester (4) and Ann May (4). Frank (2) had no family, and one son, Isaac (2) never came to this county.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 407-408..

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