1925 Biography - Mozley

John Norman Mozley was the founder of that family in this county. He was born in Tennessee in 1816 and resided some time in Kentucky, coming to this county about 1842. He married first Agnes Galloway and their children were John T. (2), Archibald (2), James (2), Lucy (2), Margaret (2), and Sarah (2). He was a farmer, served as sheriff of the county, and in his later years was a business man of Vienna and died in 1904. John T. (2) was a captain in the Civil War, a farmer, and resided in Grantsburg township. He married Margaret (see Worley). Archibald (2) was born in Kentucky in 1839. He resided in Elvira township, this county, and was a successful farmer for many years. He married Francis Shelton. Their children were Dr. J. M. (3) of Johnston City, Norman A. (3) who removed to Missouri where he was a prominent citizen and served in Congress from that state. He died recently (1923). Archible (2) married second Rosie George and they had Charles (3), George E. (3), Eugene (3), Mary (3). Charles (3) married Anna Oliver, they had Oliver (4), Ollie (4), Aline (4), Lois (4); George E. (3) married Arista, daughter of Oliver Ragsdale, and they have Archie (4), Georgia (4). This family Mary (3) and the mother are residents of Elvira township. Eugene (3) is a teacher and married Opal Mathis.
James Mozley (2) served in the Civil War and died during or soon after its close. Lucy (2) and Margaret (2) married brothers named Burkhead and removed to Massac County. Sarah (2) married Mr. Helm, and resides in the southeast part of the county, they had Francis who married Stephen, (see Farris). N. J. Mozely (3) son of John T. (2) was a successful farmer and cattle raiser in Grantsburg township for a number of years. He is a citizen of Vienna, retiring from the farm some time ago. He has served the county as commissioner and was an efficient and careful officer. He is at present serving as Deputy Game Warden of the State.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 410.

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