1925 Biography - McKinny Pearce

McKinny Pearce, tradition says, was born in England. On coming to America, he settled first in North Carolina, but later moved to Maury County, Tennessee, where he followed teaching and farming, using slave labor to work his farm. His son Arthur with his wife and four children came to Illinois, settling first in Union County, 1823, but about ten years later removed to Johnson. His wife was Elizabeth Bissell, and their children were William (2), Stokely (2), Isaac N. (2), Rayford (2), Garner (2), Mary (2) and Elizabeth (2). Issac N. (2) served the county as clerk several times residing in Vienna. He married Clara, a sister of Turner Jones and they had Bazil (3) who married Betty Cheek; Emma (3), married Calvin Mathls; Frank (3) married Miss Baker; Jennie (3), married a Mr. Ray and had Harold (4), Clara (4); Albert (3), resides in Texas, where he married and has Chester (4) and Alice (4); John (3) married Georgia Magnor and had Harry (4). Rayford (2) was a farmer of this county and married Susan Jones, sister to Turner. They had William (3), Mary (3), who married a Mr. Rentfro and Clara (3). Garner (2) born in 1829, entered land in Elvira township, near what is now the village of Buncombe, 1852, where he lived and farmed throughout his life. He added to his, at first, small farm, built a good dwelling and was above the average farmer of his neighborhood. He married Eliza J. Canady and their children were Bundy (3), Mary E. (3) and Eliza (3). Bundy (3) married Amanda Ragsdale and their children are Blain (4), Albert (4), Earl (4). Blain (4) married Bessie Miller and has two children Marshall and Carl (5); Albert (4) married Iris Rude and their children are Glen (5) and Ruth (5). Eliza (3) married Frank Nobles and their children are Bessie (4), Harry (4), Oran (4). Bessie (4) married Caleb Montgomery and has Harry (5) and May (5). Harry (4) is a resident of Washington and married in that state. Bundy (3) is one of the substantial farmers of Elvira Township and lives neighbor to his mother who has lived at her present home for sixty-eight years, having gone there as a bride. She remembers the notches on the trees near her home which indicated a public road and was no doubt the old road leading from Golconda to Jonesboro. Mrs. Pearce came to this county with her parents when twelve years old and attended a school taught by Branum Worrell, grandfather to our present County Superintendent of Schools. William (2) was a Baptist minister and labored many years in this county for the moral and spiritual welfare of its citizens.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 417.

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