1925 Biography - Poor

The Poor family came here from Tennessee in 1834. The father died soon after they arrived, leaving the mother in a new country with five children, namely S. D. (2), Washington (2), Sena (2), Nancy (2), Benjamin (2), S. D. married Sarah J. Mount and was a successful business man and the founder of Old Grantsburg, now Wartrace. He was a well known man of his community and a staunch Presbyterian. They had Jane (3), who married Dr. W. J. (see Fern); Elizabeth (3) married Garrett Simmons, a prominent merchant of Metropolis, Ill., and their children are Ethel (4) and Roy (4); Sidney (3) married L. H. (see Frizzell); J. N. (3) married Sarah Duncan and their children were Mamie (4) who married a Mr. Loghas, of Constaninople, Turkey, they have Newton Montford (5) and reside at present in Berlin, Germany. Grace Newton (4) married Benjamin Watson and they have one son and reside in New York City. Dora (3) lives in Metropolis, Ill. Washington (2) married the widow of Captain Franklin and was a farmer of this county. No knowledge of the daughters, Sena (2) and Nancy (2). B. F. (2) married Mary J. Simmons, one son, L. F. (3) who is a first-class farmer and a resident of West Vienna; he married Agusta Grissom, the children are Bertha (4) who married Addison (see Smith), Mrs. Cleve Sloan (4) and Mrs. Fisher, wife of Dr. J. A. Fisher. The last two families reside in Metropolis.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 421.

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