1925 Biography - David Shearer

David Shearer took an active part in the development of the county. Just what time he came here is not known. He lived east of Vienna on a farm which is now owned by John Dunn, James Beach and others 1825. He is buried in the family cemetery on the old farm. Tradition says, he came here direct from Germany. He was born on the river Rhine, June 6, 1773. His wife's given name was Esther; she was born May 9, 1777. Mrs. Ann Calhoun who was born in 1812 and was by her first marriage a daughter-in-law of John Copeland, the pioneer, said "Dave Shearer's wife was a daughter of Mattie Dial, who was a sister of John Copeland." The children of Dave and Esther that can be authentically traced were Jane (2), Eupha (2), Elizabeth (2), Hattie (2). Tradition says one was Henry who had eight children namely Mary (3) who married Levi Dunn, Abraham (3), George (3), James (3), Sidney (3), who married Cheek. Perry (2). Jane (2) was born October 22, 1810 and married Thomas Jackson, who was born in Tennessee, 1807. It is not known just when he came to the county, but he opened what is known as the Old Rice place on the county line between Johnson and Massac, then Johnson, when he was eighteen years old. W. T. Johnson a son, has a land grant to the northeast quarter in section 3 in township 14, south of range 4 east. This land was entered at Shawneetown in the year 1838, and the warrant was signed by Martin Van Buren. The certificate number is 3043. Thomas and Jane had John L. (3) W. T. (Buck) (3), Jacob F. (Feck) (3), Melissa (3) and Elizabeth (3). John L. (3) married Cynthia Parker and had Thomas J. (4), Rosa (4), Thomas J. (4) married Mollie (see Damron), Rosa (4) married Thomas B. Powell. Their children are Bert (5), druggist of Carmi, Ill.; Gertrude (5), wife of William H. Dayton, of Denver, Colorado. Thomas (5) is in business in Los Angeles, Calif, and Ira (5) lives in Hammond, Indiana. W. T. (3) (Buck) married Ann Lundy and had Minnie (4), who married William (see Simpson); Cora (4) married Harvey Bratton (see Chapman). Mattie (4) married Mr. Casto and had Hildred (5), William (5) lives in Lone Oak, Ark. Ada (4) married Mr. Harris Herman (5), Helene (5), John (5), Geneca (5), Fred (5). William and had Herman (5), Halene (5), John (5), Geneca (5), Fred (5). William (4) lives in Detroit, Mich., and has two sons, Hal (4) has three children and lives at Mt. Carmel. J. F. (3) married Laura Hewett and they had Lavador (4) who is a business man of Vienna and married Dora Abney; they have Franklin (5). Ulrick (4) married Margaret Simmons and is a resident and business man of Goreville. They have Winifred (5), Elsworth (5), Charles (5) and Louise (5). Elizabeth (4) married R. T. Chenault and has Helen (5), Marjory (5), they are also residents of Goreville. Henry (3) married Rosa Parker and had Lee (4), who married John Sanders, Charles (4). Melissa (3) married John C. Johnson (see Harvick); Elizabeth (3) married James Jackson.
Eupha (2) married James Whiteside (see Whiteside). Elizabeth (2) married Jackson (see Simpson; Hattie (2) married Samuel Vaugh. Perry (2) married Miss Mathis and had Fannie (3). Greenville P. Shearer married Minerva Gurley and had two daughters, perhaps others; one married a Mr. Powell and they had one daughter married Herrin. Jane (3) married J. B. Hess (see Chapman).

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 427-428.

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