1925 Biography - William Simpson

William Simpson, the first, spoke of in early settlers, was captured by the Indians tradition says and taken to Michigan when a young man. He was finally sold to the English. How long he remained there is not known. His son Williams was born in that state. William Simpson, Sr., was a native of North Carolina but came to this county from Kentucky, by way of Shawneetown cutting his own road part of the way. 1805 he settled near Ft. Massac and Kaskaskia trace and built a double log house and opened a tavern. His name appears frequently in connection with county affairs and he built our first court house. The maiden name of his wife was Polly Jones. He died about 1825 or 1826. His grandaughter Cynthia born in 1818 remembered his burial which occured at the Simpson cemetery or graveyard as they were then known near his home. William Simpson, Jr., was born about 1788 or 1789. He was quite a youth when his father came to this county. The name William Simpson appears on the volunteer roll of Captain Whiteside's company in 1812. This company was from this section of the state. This name also appears on the Militia roll of this section. One cannot say which William fits in each place but a son of William the second now living says his father served in the war of 1812. William second settled on a farm near his father, known as the Keltner place now owned and occupied by Thomas Murrie.
William Simpson, the first, married Polly Jones and they had Sampuel Stanton (2), Jackson (2), Daniel (2), Lewis (2), Willis (2), William (2) and two daughters, one married Calvert the other Jobe. Samuel Stanton (2) married and had Larkin Hogan (3), Jane (3), Polly (3, John (3). Larkin H. (3) married Lucy Ann Riley and had Sidney (4), Emily (4), Samuel Stanton (4), Margaret (4), who died in young womanhood, Jackson (4), Cynthia (4), Martha (4), John (4), and Clara (4). Sidney (4) married J. M. Shoat and they had Fannie (5), Nell (5), and Duff (5); Fannie (5) married Bert Bruce, Nell (5) married William Walsh, Duff (5) married Adah Pharis; Samuel Stanton (4) married Martha Scott and they had Walter (5), Birdie (5), H. (5), Ray (5), Roy (5). Walter (5) married Nell Mobley and Birdie (6) married first Mr. Gurley and had Lucy (6), second Omer Frazer and has three sons; Elmily (4) married George Guinn and had Edwin (5), Florence (5), and Cynthia (5). Edwin (5) married Fanny Howell and had Alline (6) who married Dewey Clemont, they had Edward (7). Edwin (5) married second Mabel Deaton and has Edwin, Jr., (6), George Leonard (6); Jackson (4) married Lilly Belle Hatt; Martha (4) married James K. Brown and had Ethel (5) who married Dave Vinson and has three children; Lucy (5) married Pickard Montgomery and has Pickard (6); John Logan (4) married Mary Walker; Clara (4) married Craig White and had Madge (5), who married Walter Hull and they have Craig (6) and Clara (6); Joshua (3) married Brilla Ann Howell and their children were Hogan (4), Ruth Ann (4), Taborn (4), India (4). Ruth Ann (4) married Wayman Cease, and has three children; Taborn (4) married Lucy Cagle and has Frederick (5), Mary (5); India (4) married Frederick Simmons and has Orpha (5), Dot (5), Frederick (5). Jane (3) married Samuel Howell and had Nancy Ann (4), A. D. (4), Joshua (4), Jane (4), Sidney (4) and Belle (4). Nancy Ann (4) married Thomas Rentfro and has William (5), Joshua (5), Sidney (5), Charles (5), Lura (5). Joshua (5) married Clara Hard and has Liston (6), Laverne (6); Lura (5) married Jasper Ragan, they have two children and live in Carbondale; A. D. (4) married Sarah Modglin and has Harry (5) who married a Miss Baker; Joshua (4) married Tenny Farris and they have Merrit (5), Duff (5). Merritt (5) married Roxie Dunn and they have Marjory (6); Duff (5) married Nellie Farris and has Helen (6); Jane (4) married Robert Batson and has Arlington (5), Warder (5), Joseph (5), Dorothy (5), and Ruth (5). Arlington (5) married Alta Cagle and has Bernard (6); Sidney (5) married Joseph Holloway and has Ulric (6), Marie (6), and Sedric (6); Belle (4) married Charles Farris and has Paul (5), Howell (5), they reside in Texas. Polly (3) married John Gray and they had Sarah (4), Ursula (4), Joshua (4), Larkin (5), Bud (4). Sarah (4) married Mr. Clayton and had Arista (5) who married Wesley Rice; she married second Wm. Tigue and had Joshua (5) and Anna (5): Ursula (4) married James H. Pearce had Oscar (5), Donie (5), Daisy (5), Charles M. (5). Oscar (5) married Ruth Todd and had Mildred Alice (6), Mary Francis (6), James A. (6); Donie (5) married Benjamin Staton, had Dorothy (6), Duff (6), Ruth (6); Daisy (5) married Frank Henderson had Paul (6), Hammond (6), Elje (6), Marion (6) and Clarence (6); Charles M. (5) married Francis Bowyer of Farmington, Mo.; Ursula (4) married second Henry Brennen. Joshua (4) married Elizabeth (Williams) Darter had Ward (5), Gussie (5). Larkin (4) married Miss Clayton; Alexander (4) (Bud) never married. John Simpson (3) moved to Texas years ago. Jackson (2) married Elizabeth Shearer and had Amanda (3), John Hiram (3), Sidney (3), Mary (3), Francis Marion (3), Euphie (3), and Elizabeth (3). Amanda (3) married Thomas Jones, a son of James the pioneer, they had John Monroe (4), Francis Marion (4), Elizabeth Jane (4), Sidney Clarissa (4), Franklin Morris (4), Mary Ann (4), Thomas Wesley (4), Barrila Isabell (4), and Juliet Susanna (4). John M. (4) married Mariah Rose and they had James Monroe (5). Olive (5), Pleasant (5), Frank (5), Charles (5), Herschel (5), Maud (5). James M. (5) married Venie Abney, and had Ethel (6) who married Otto Murrie and Mimple (6). Most if not all of this family have moved out of the county. Francis Marion (4) served in the Civil War, was a resident of New Burnside in its thriving days, was later elected county clerk and removed to Vienna, where he lived until his death. He married Martha Ann McKee and had Fannie (5), Belle (5) and Thomas (5). Fannie (5) married Dr. J. T. Looney, and they have Marion A. (6), Robert (6). Marion (6), married Helen Dudley and is a prominent attorney of Oklahoma City; they have Georgia (7), Francis (7), and Marion (7); Robert T. (6) is a banker of Tishomingo and married Jessie Renny, they have Robert T. Jr., (7), and Marian (7); Belle (5) married Grant Borin of St. Louis, Mo. They had Martha (6), who married Dr. Harbdrecht of Chicago, Ill. Thomas (5) married Eva Estus, children, Martha, Robert and others. This family has removed from the county. Elizabeth J. (4) married Ivy Gray and had Basil (5), who married Carrie Burris and they have Ivy (6), Mary Ann (6), Walter (6), Carrie Ruth (6), Robert Bernard (6), and Francis (6). Ivy (6) married Hattie Bellisine and has Violet (7), Basil (7), Evangeline (7), and Robert (7). Mary A. (6) married Herschel Bush and has William Gray (7); Walter B. (6) married Eva Percell; Elizabeth J. (4) married second W. H. Cooper and had Dora (5), Arista (5) and Thomas (5. Dora (5) married Lewis Lowery and has Fred (6) and Paul (6); Arista (5) married first Luther Cope and has Marguerite (6); she married second Randolph Hewitt and has Mary (6); Thomas (5) married Nellie Rhider; Sidney C. (4) married Pryor Nelson; Frank (4) married Mary McKee and had Arthur (5); he married second Margaret Keltner and had Arista (5) and Ned (5); he married third Sidney Rollin; they had Rilla (5) and Nora (5); Arthur (5) married Minnie Harper; Arista (5) married James Ellis; Ned M. (5) married Myrtle Miller and had Ned (6); Mary Ann (4) married George H. Huffman, 1868 and they have Maud (5), Gertrude (5), Clara (5), Dolly A. (5), Mamie (5), Daisy G. (5), Charles J. (5), Francis M. (5). Maud (5) married Dr. C. A. McConnell, who is a physician of Hot Springs, Ark., and they have Herbert Spencer (6); Gertrude (5) married Campbell Allard and their children are Zona (6), Ray (6), Maud (6), and Charlotte (6); Zone (6) married Dawson Farris and has Allard (7); Ray (6) married Phylis Ragsdale and has Jannett (7), George Dale (7), Mary Ellen (7); Maud (6) married Kenneth Sutten and has Rose L. (7), Kenneth (7), William (7); Charlotte (6) married Victor Bazley and has Warren Victor (7); Clara (5) married W. L. Gillespie and has Mary Ann (6), Franklin and Francis (6), Georgia (6), William (6); Dolly A. (5) married Milo Palmer and has George E. (6), a graduate of the Naval Academy and now serving in the United States Navy as Ensign and Milo (6), a student at the University of Illinois; Mamie (5) married Edward Egan of Chicago, who died a few years after their marriage leaving Catherine (6), Pearl (6), and Georgiana (6); Daisy G. (5) married Harry Carter (see Harvick); Charles J. (5), married Eva, daughter of Dr. P. S. McKenzie; F. M. married Nellie I. Gray; (see Smith); Thomas W. (4) married Martha Ann Harper and they had Julia (5), Millie (5), Fred (5), Delia (5). Julia (5) married William Scott and had Jewell (6), Lewis (6) Letha 6; Delia (5) married Fred Veach and has Alice (6), Martha (6), Phillip (6) and Mildred (6); Brilla I. (4) married John Slack and has Maud (5), Guy (5), Walter (5), Tully (5), Mabel (5), Clyde (5) and Lester (5). Walter (5) married Eva Boyt, (see Boyt). Mrs. Slack and children are residents of Vienna and are the only ones of this family now living in the county. Juliet S. (4) married W. R. Rodman and had Elsie (5), who married Frank Orr and has William F. (6); Minnie (5) married Elihu Snyder and they have May (6), Lena (6), Helen (6), Albert (6), William (6). John Hiram (3) married Mary Ann Grissom and they had Thomas J. (4), Mary E. (4), John A. (4), Amanda M. (4), Julia J. (4), Eliza M. (4), James P. (4), Dora A. (4), Franklin G. (4), Henry T. (4), India B. (4), Adolphus J. (4). Thomas J. (4) born 1851, married India Moore and they had Cora (5), Olive (5), Claud (5), Harry (5), Blanch (5); Cora (5) married Charles Lewis; Olive (5) married Herron Wright and had Jerald (6); Harry (5) married Martha and they have Opal (6); Blanch (5) married Elmer Davis and they have Fay (6); Mary E. (4) born 1853 married James Sharp and they had John (5), who married Mamie Perry, Mary E. (4) married second William Robinson, and had Buelah (5), who married Isaac Miller and their children are Pauline (6), and Joseph (6); John (4) born in 1855 married Sidney McKee and they had Oscar (5), Effie (5), Maud (5), Dimple (5), Charles (5), Earl (5). Oscar (5) married Lula Brown and has Estella (6), George (6), Lee (6), Guy (6), and Dorothy (6), Estella (6) married Robert Hook; Effie (5) married E. D. Mooneyham and they have Roscoe (6), Paul (6), Carl (6), and Randall (6); Dimple (5) married Guy Hayden and has Emil (6); Charles (5) married Bertha Arnett and has Caroline (6) and May (6); Earl (5) married Ola McFatridge; Maud (5) not married. James P. (4) born 1867 married Norma McFatridge and they have Oma S. (5), Robert O. (5), Edna (5), James Esco (5). Oma (5) married Lloyd Cooper; Robert O. (5) married Edith Brown, and they have Louise (6) and James Marshall (6); Edna (5) married Edward Vanleleve (see Chapman). Henry T. (4) born 1874 married Cora Trigg and has Claude (5), Virgil (5), Roy (5), Pearl (5), Gaynell (5). India Belle (4) born 1875 married Monroe Thomas and they have Mabel (5), Lily (5), William (5), Ward (5), Opal (5), Gladys (5), Margaret (5), James (5); Dolphus J. (4) born 1877 married India Barnwell and they have Otto (5), Lela (5), May (5), Clara (5), Nellie (5). Frank G. (4) born 1871 married Abby Thomas and they have Rittie (5). Sidney (3) married Wesley Reynolds and had Thomas (4), who married Alice Walker, they had Robert (5), Mary (5), Dee (5), Frank (5), William (5), Elizabeth (5); Mary Ann (4) married Charles A. Bain; they removed to Arkansas, for family (see Bain).
Francis Marion (3) married first Julia Jennett and had William Calvert (4), who married Cora Jackson, they had Jeannette (5), Frances (5), William C. (5), Florence (5). Francis (5) married Dr. James Wallace and has Jean (6), Barbara (6), they reside in Chicago; William C. (5) married Grace Raines and lives in Querque, N. M. Florence (5), married Pleasant T. Chapman, Jr., and they have Betty Ann (6); Francis M. (3) married second Mrs. Margaret (Beal) Copeland and had Francis Marion (4), who married Mame Baldwin and they have Frances Marion (5), Josephine (5). Euphy (3) married William McKee; Elizabeth (3) married Pleasant Grissom.
Daniel (2) married Mary Reed and had Daniel (3), Narcissa (3), William (3), Catherine (3), Adeline (3), Lewis D. (3), Eliza (3), John Reed (3), Mary (3). Daniel (3) married Jane Shelton and they had John R. (4) Thomas (4), Adeline (4), Martha (4), Anna (4), Jane (4). John (4) married Martha Robinson, and had Elmer (5), Elenora (5), Guy (5). Thomas (4) married Lida Moore and had Alice (5) and Oliver (5); Adeline (4) married Thomas Veach and had Walter (5), who married Dora Farmer, they had Thomas (6); Martha (4) married Joseph Taylor and had Delia (5), Elbert (5). Delia (5) married Bert Goins; Anna (4) married C. M. Murrie, they had Rosco (5), Elsie (5), Grace (5), Effie (5). Elsie (5) married Joe Alexander, Grace (5) married Jackson Goins, Effie (5) married Rosco Grant, and had Oma (6), who married Thomas Gomer. Narcissa (3) married Mr. Johnson, they had Mary (4) who married Gilbert Barnett, they had William (5), married Amanda Boomer- Thomas (5) married Addie White; Hosea (5) married Laura Rickard they had Jessie (6) who married Lawrence Hunsaker, (see Bridges); Mary (6) married Floyd Lasley and had Floyd Jr. (7); Robert (5) married Leona Goddard; Flora (5) married William Gold; Rosa (5) married William Maze, and Frank (5) married Addie Burklow; Narcissa (3) married second John Russell and had Catherine (4) and Thomas (4). Catherine (4) married James Beggs, they had Frank (5), Catherine (5), Fred (5), Lula (5); Thomas (4) moved to Kentucky.
Catherine (3) married John Elkins and had Kizie (4), Mary (4), Ann (4). Kizie (4), married Ned Stewart, Mary (4) married Tobias Scott, Ann (4) married Frank Hall and had Catherine (5), Rora (5), Emma (5), Margaret (5), John (5); Catherine (3) married second James Walker, they had Margaret (4) and John (4). Margaret (4) married Eli Ballow (see Gore). John (4) married Ellen Peeler, removed to Union county. William (3) married Patsy Jones (2) and they had Narcissa (4) and Mary (4). Narcissa (4) married W. A. Spann, they had Flora (5), Mattie (5), Lula (5), Ida (5), Hal (5), William (5). Flora (5) married Alexander Hess (see Chapman) Mattie (5) married Addison Cantwell; Lula (5) married Levi J. Smith, children, Helen (6), Robert (6); Ida (5) married R. E. Gillespie and has Martha (6); Hal A. (5) married Mamie Farris and they have Mary (6), Helen (6); William (5) single; Mary (4) married Thomas Elkins and had William (5), Martha (5), Sarah (5), Leila (5). William (5) married Lily (see Mathis). Lela (5) married Jefferson Smith. . Lewis Dee (3) married Elizabeth Anderson, they had John Reed (4), Martha J. (4), William (4), Mary (4), Maranda A. (4), Daniel (4), Lewis Dee (4). John Reed (4) raised eleven children; Martha (4) married Mr. Miller and had nine children; William (4) married a Miss Bradley and they had two children; Mary (4) married Jasper Primm and had John J. (5), Florence (5), Nell (5), Alfonzo (5), Thomas (5), Ann (5), Elsie (5), Alonzo (5); Daniel (4) married Sarah Gore and had three children; L. Dee (4) married Miss Cox, they had three children, Maranda A. single; Eliza (3) married a Mr. Shelby; Adaline (3) married Samuel Braur; Mary (3) married Thomas M. Eubanks. Willis Simpson (2) had William Larison (3), Stephen (3). There is a James (3) who was killed in the Civil War, John, Nancy who married William May and Mary that belong in this family and I presume are children of Willis 2. William Larison (3) married Charlott Stone, they had Thomas J. (4), James H. (4), Green (4), Cynthia Elizabeth (4), Nancy Jane (4). Thomas J. (4) married Melissa Hodge and had Ida (5), Gussie (5), William Green (5), Edward (5); James H. (4) married Mary Ann Weston, they had Winty (5), William (5), who married Delle Median and had Wilber (6), Arthur (5), and Delia (5); Green (4) served in the Civil War and was a resident of Bloomfield township many years where he was well and favorably known. He married Lina Miller and they had Robert (5), Edgar (5), Lula (5), May (5), Ethel (5), Dimple (5), Mattie (5), Eulala (5), Ward (5), Madge (5). Robert (5) married Carrie Hailey, they have Halbert (6), Robert (6); Edgar (5) married Elizabeth Mozley (see Worley) Eulala (5) married Ward Farris; May (5) married Clarence Alexander and has Dorothy (6); Ethel (5) married W. A. Whiteside and has Cathline (6), Hilda (6), Paul (6); Dimple (5) married Delbert Kerley and has Homer (6) and Maurice (6); Eulala (5) married Gomer Casey and has Larry (6), Daniel (6), Donald (6), Ward (5) and Madge (5) at home; Mattie (5) married Guy Stegall and has Guy, Junior (6); Cynthia E. (4) married Berry Adkins and had Robert (5), Carl (5), Clara (5); Nancy Jane (4) married James Wadkins, has John L. Simpson (5) who lives in Chaffee, Mo. William Larison (3) married second Paralee Hodge and had Mary (4), Ann Eliza (4), Willis A. (4), William Lewis (4). Mary (4) married George Smith and lives in Arkansas; Ann Eliza (4) married John Pippins and has Fred (5) and Lewis (5). Willis A. (4) married Mary Lemon; William L. (4) married Dolly Trover. The two later families live in Oklahoma. Stephen (3) married Eliza Scuerlock and has John (4), Ella (4), Alice (4), Minnie (4), Daisy (4), Lloyd (4) and Henry (4). They reside in Marion, Ill., where Stephen (3) resides with his daughter.
William (2) married first Kezia Parmalee, they had Thomas (3), Jackson (3), Lewis (3), Daniel Dectur (3), Cynthia (3), Lucinda (3), Eliza (3), Mary (3). Thomas (3) married first in this county and had two children; he married second Melissa Jobe, his cousin. They lived in Iowa no issue; Jackson (3) married first Louisa Copeland and had Preston (4), Cynthia (4), William R. (4), Sarah (4), (all that is known). Preston (4) married Hester Axley of this county; Sarah (4) married a Mr. Nickols; Cynthia (4) married William Huffmeister of Beloit, Kans., they had Cynthia N. (5), Minnett (5), Charles (5), Fred (5). Cynthia (5) married Minnett (5) married Dr. Blades of Salina, Kans. The two sons live in Kansas City, Mo. William R. (4) married Sarah Car son, children Grace (5), Alice (5), Edna (5), Edith (5); Maud (5), Ray H. (5). Grace (5) married G. G. Hoag; Alice (5) mar ried N. J. Petre of Topeka, Kans.; Edith (5) married G. G. White of Rochell, N. Y.; Maud (5) married Dr. C. B. Kern of Beloit, Kans. Ray H. (5) married Hallie Carter and resides at Flagstaff, Ariz. Jackson (3) married second Mrs. (Glass) Morton of Massac county, they had one son. Lewis (3) was a Presbyterian minister and served in the Civil War as a chaplain. He married Martha Thomas, they had John Bunion (4), Lucinda (4), Luamma (4), Washington (4), James (4). John Bunion (4) married Martha Carter, children Mary (5), Elizabeth (5), Arista (5), Sidney (5), Franklin (5), Cynthia (5). Mary (5) married Sherman Whiteside, children John S. (6) Frank (6), Fred (6), Estella (6), Ethel (6). Elizabeth (5) married C. D. Simmons, children; Wiley (6) married Pearl Schenk; Anna (6) married J. D. Benson, John (6), Alonzo (6), Edward (6), Jewell (6); Arista (5) married Walter Johnson, children Fred (6), Walter (6). Estella (6); Arista (5) married second Agustus Wartoog; Sidney (5) married J. B. Johnson, children Ernest (6), John (6), Nellie (6); Franklin (5) married Eva Kincanon, children Walter (6), Ray (6); married second Rhoda Sharp, children Estell (6), Daisy (6); Cynthia (5) married Franklin Worth; Lucinda (4) married Isaac Bratton, Luamma (4) married Jefferson Morris; Washington (4) married Nanie Davis. Daniel D. (3) born 1835 married Sarah Lawrence of Marion, Ill., 1855, they had Jennie (4) born 1857, Elward (4) born 1859, Winnie (4), born 1862, William R. (4), born 1864, Julia (4) born1866. Jennie (4) married Dr. Charles Covington 1881 and had four sons and three daughters, lives in Golconda, Ill.; Edward (4) married Nettie Heisley and had one son and one daughter; Winnie (4) mar ried Johnathan Gaskins of Harrisburg, Ill., and had Wirt (5), she married second a Mr. McCormick, has two children and lives in Indiana; William R. (4) married Etta L. Jacobs 1894, of this county and has George B. (5) born 1897, Ralph (5) born 1901, Ardith (5) born 1905, Leonard (5) born 1910; Julia (4) married Frank Scurlock of Mariou and had five sons; Decatur (3) married second Fronia Peoples 1873 and had one son Benjamin (4) born 1877 who lives in Oklahoma; Cynthia (3), born 1818 married A. J. Kuykendall and had Kate L. (4), Mary J. (4), Sarah (4), Elizabeth (4), Joseph B. (4), Edith (4). Kate (4) married Jasper Johnson and had children Andrew Jackson (5), Agustas (5), Walter (5), and Joseph B. (5). Agusta (5) married Mr. Bitterich; Walter married Arista and J. B. married Sidney (see Lewis (3). Mary (4) married W. E. Morris and had Alice (5), who married W. E. Beal, their children are Essie (6), who married Arthur Weber and Eugean (6) who married Thomas Wright; Emma (5) married Agustus Brockman, children Carrie (6), Alice (6) married Chas. Owen and has Mary Lee (7). Sarah (4), married George Sanders and had Dora (5) who married Harry Mitchel of Harrisburg, Ill.; Sarah (4) married second Mr. McDermott and had Thomas W. (5), who took the name of his stepfather, Wiederman; he married and has Zella Marie (6); Sarah (4) married third Philip Wiederman; Elizabeth (4), married Marian Collins and had Mamie (5), Cynthia (5), Joseph (5). Mamie (5) married Mr. Craig; Joseph B. (4) married Eliza Gorham and their children were Carrie (5), A. J. Jr. (5), Franklin S. (5), and Guy Simpson (5). Carrie (5) married Rodman Woelfle and had Joseph R. (6), who married Gertrude Gillespie and they have Francis R. (7); A. J. (5) married Eva Benson (see Chapman). A. J. (5) is a graduate of DePau University and the law department of the University of Illinois. He is a business man, with F. S. (5) and Guy (5), of Marion, Ill., and devotes much time to the Boy Scouts of America. Franklin (5) married Mabel Beard and has Joseph (6) and Franklin (6); Guy S. (5) married Ethel Lewis and has Helen (6), J. B. (4); married second Minnie Griffy. Edith (4) married Almus G. Damron and had Mamie (5) who married and lives in New York City and Wirt (5) who is an attorney of Harrisburg, Ill.; Eliza (3) married Captain William Perkins and had India (4), Henry S. (4), J. K. (4), A. J. (4), William E. (4). India (4) married W. E. Galeener and their children are Amy (5), Claude (5), Halbert (5), George (5). Kenneth (5), Mabel (5). Amy (5) married J. E. Miller and lives in Calexico, Calif.; Claude (5) married Elsie Bishop and has Hazel May (6), Gertrude (6), Lucile (5), Edith (6), Bennie (6). They live in Oklahoma; Halbert (5) married Lena Marshall and has John W. (6), Lynn H. (6), Jerry (6) and reside in Sikeston, Mo.; George E. (5) married Bess M. (see Chapman); Kenneth (5) married Pauline Carrier and has Rosalie, (6) and Courtland (6); Mabel (5) married Dr. Frank Carter (see Harvick); Henry S. (4) married Hattie Jones, they had Belle (5), Dimple (5), William (5), Eliza (5), Nellie (5). Belle (5) married Frank (see Gillespit); Dimple (5) married W. H. Gilliam, children Frank (6), Lois (6), Marian (6) who died in youth. Frank (6) married Nell Richardson and has Charles R. (7), Olive (7), Frank, Jr. (7), William H. (7), Robert (7), Richard (7). Lois (6) married William Shawmeeker; William (5) married Clara Donahue, they had William (6) and Robert (6); Eliza (5) married Warren Hollister; Nell (5) married Chas. H. (see Chapman); J. K. Polk (4) married Elizabeth Neal. They had Madge Williford, who married William Cliver and has Virginia; Andrew J. (4), married Sarah Rauls, children Harry (5), Fred (5), Nell (5), Arthur (5). Harry (5) married Josephine Mays, they have Thomas (6); Fred (5) married Anna (McDaniel) Penrod; Nell (5) married W. C. Siebert; Arthur (5) married Elsie Bender, they have Margaret Helen (6); William E. (4) married Jessie Black, they had May (5) who married William Banks. Lucinda (3) married first Jackson Fisher and had Obe (4), Milo (4) and Mary (4). Obe (4) married and died young leaving children Lucinda (5) and Jackson (5). ___ Milo (4) married late in life and reared a family in Winnona, Mo. Mary (4) married R. M. Fisher and had Estella (5), Lucinda (5) George H. (5). Estella (5) married W. H. Shields had one child and died; Lucinda (5) is a trained nurse. This family with the father reside in Longbeach, Calif. Lucinda (3) married second Samuel (see Copeland); Mary (3) born 1827 married Washington G. Thomas and had W. H. (4), Malinda (4), John L. (4), Cynthia (4), Mary (4), Robert (4). Cynthia (4) married Robert Thompson; daughters Effie (5), Mary (5), Theodocia (5); W. H. (4) married Martha Whiteside (see Thomas); Mary (4) married J. H. Morphus and has one son; Mary (3) married second W. H. Barnwell. William Simpson (2) married second Miss Smith sister to Barney S. and had James (3), who married Lula Arrison, they had William (4), Polk (4), Fred (4), Thomas (4), Fanny (4), Ruth (4). William (4) married Minnie Johnson, they had Madge (5), who married a Mr. Townsend, and Paul (5). This family has all left the county and married in other localities. William (2) married third Mary Mathews and had children Joshua Jones (3), Harvey Green (3), Zachery Cain (3), Sarah Ann (3). Joshua J. (3) married Martha J. Trig and had William Logan (4), Mary Malinda (4), Elanora (4), E. M. (4), Eliza (4). William L. (4) married Sarah Thomas and had Lelia (5), William (5). Lelia (5) married M. Wise; Mary M. (4) married G. F. Stout; Elenora (4) married A. P. Wright and has Ray (5), Ralph (5) and William (5). Edward M. (4) married Rena Smothers; Eilza (4) married Charles Morris; Sarah Ann (3) married James Cotton and had Mary (4), Dora (4), Cynthia (4), Arista (4), Flora (4), Ezra (4), Rosco (4), Charles (4). Mary (4) married David Lawrence; Dora (4) married Sanders Parsons; Cynthia (4) married George Evitts; Arista (4) married Charles Martin; Flora (4) married William Roe; the others are married but no more definite knowledge of the family. One daughter of William Simpson (1) married a minister by the name of John Calvert. The following is from Uncle John Jobe of Tunnell Hill; Abraham Jobe was a native of Tennessee and married one of William Simpson's (1) daughters before 1800. The following children were born to them Melissa (3), Mary (3), Cynthia (3), Hiram (3), William (3), Samuel (3), Jefferson (3), born 1810. Jefferson's mother died when he was three years old and his grandparents, Simpsons, raised him in Johnson county. Abraham Jobe took the other children and moved to Iowa. He married a second time (Mary Ann, (Jobe) Scott daughter to Johnson Jobe) says a sister to Joel Johnson, and one child was born to them, Johnson known as Johnce. Later all the sons and Cynthia came to this county. Hiram (3), tradition says, married a Miss Jones, sister to William Jones who lived on the east side of the county; William Jobe (3) married Elizabeth Gray sister to Basil (1) and returned to Iowa; Samuel Jobe (3) married Susanna Jones, daughter of James the first, and had children Mary (4), who married Mr. Elkins; Jane (4) married Dr. H. Y. Mangum; William (4) married Name Roberts, who resides in Los Angeles, Calif.; Samuel Jobe (4) married Martha (see Carter); Melissa Jobe (3) married Thomas (see Simpson). Cynthia Jobe (3) married Washington (see Chapman); Jefferson Jobe (3) raised in this county, entered forty acres of land on the top of Moccasin Gap and married Mary Thomas, sister to Washington and Frank. They had John (5), A. P. (5), D. W. (5), W. H. (5), L. W. (5), Philip (5), Issy (5), Juliet (5). A. P. (Preen) married Sarah Barnwell and they have four children and live in Missouri; Juliet (5) married John Reid and had one child Rilda (6); D. W. (5) (Wess) married Rose Harper and they had three children; William Jobe (5) married Mary Taylor, they had Estelle (6) and Nellie (6); Philip (5) married Elvira Boss and they have Oliver (6) of Goreville, Ill., Louis (6) who was a World War soldier and two daughters; Lewis (5) married Miss Coleman and lives in Cairo; Issy (5) married Elsworth Hobbs and has two children. She married second Sherman Emery and is postmistress at Parker City; John (5) married Armina Lollis, children Cynthia (6), Mary (6), Marian (6), William (6), and Harry (6); William Jobe (6) married Winnie Jobe; Harry Jobe (6) married Arista Jobe; Winnie and Artists were granddaughters of Johnce Jobe; Cynthia (6) married Elwood Bouie and had two children; Mary (6) married Alfred Humphreys; Marion O. (6) married, no children.
F. M. Simpson was a native of this county and belonged to the family of William, the first settler. His family can be traced in the Simpson genealogy. He was left an orphan at the age of eight, residing with a married sister, Mrs. Amanda Jones. He began life on his own responsibility at eighteen by driving an ox team at $6 per month. Later he was employed on a farm and then as clerk in a general store at Reynoldsburg. In 1861, he moved to Vienna and with a capital of $400 entered the mercantile business with W. W. Peterson. He later engaged in the drug business during which time he served as Post Master for fourteen years being appointed under Grant. He was a progressive and influential citizen, a Republican, a Mason, a Knights Templar and a member of the M. E. Church. He married first (1861) Julia Jennett, daughter of Nathan and Mary (McCorcle) Jennett, who died in 1869. In 1871 he married Mrs. Margaret (Beal) Copeland, who is still a resident of Vienna. She is an untiring worker in the M. E. Church, a progressive and useful citizen and very active for one of her age.
W. C. was a son of F. M. and Julia Simpson, born and raised in Vienna. His primary education was gained in the public schools and he later attended the School of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois. He bought his father's drug business, which he continued here for several years. He also served as president of the State Board of Pharmacy, and was one of our most active citizens. After the death of his wife (Cora Jackson Simpson) he removed to Evanston, Ill., and again engaged in the drug business. He married a second time, Mrs. Elizabeth Nichols of Naperville, Ill. He died 1912 in the prime of life. For family (see Simpson).
F. M., Jr., son of F. M. and Margaret Beal Simpson, is a graduate of the Vienna High School and the Agricultural department of the University of Illinois. He was employed in the Bureau of Markets "in Washington, D. C, for some time and is now general manager of the Live Stock Marketing Association and resides in Kansas City, Mo. (See Simpson.)

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 429-440.

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