1925 Biography - Millington Smith

SMITH Millington Smith (1), was born in North Carolina 1773. He entered land in this county in 1817 which is now owned by L. S. Beggs in the western part of the county. His wife's maiden name was Barton and most of their family must have been born in Tennessee from which state they emigrated to this county. Their children were Barnabas S. (2) born 1795, Isaac (2), Willis (2), Thomas (2), James (2), Andrew (2), William Barton (2) and three daughters; one married William Graves; another married Mr. Mathis and another married William Simpson the pioneer. Barnabas S. (2) came here when a youth with his parents. He was mustering officer in the early history of the county, a teacher and useful man of his time, he served the county as clerk three successive terms. He had a genial and obliging disposition and was well liked by all who knew him. He was eighty-three years old when he died and never wore glasses, and could see to read and write perfectly until his death. He married seven times and lived with each wife until her death except the last one who outlived him. Three of his wives bore children. He married first Malinda Borin and their children were Hosea (3), Avaline (3), born 1829, Jane (3), born 1831, Mary Eliza (3) born 1840; Barnabus (2) married sixth Miss Caldwell, one son B. S. (3), born 1870; Barnabus (2) married seventh Mary Thorp and had one daughter Lily (3) born 1872. Hosea (3), married Emaline Bunch and had H. B. (4), who resides in Carbondale; Avaline (3), married James F. Oliver and had Louis Cass (4) born 1850, Izora (4), born 1854, Julia (4), born 1856, Celia Ann (4) born 1858, May (4), Alfred (4) born 1864, Etta (4) and Lenna (4). L. C. (4) married Callie Penny and they have Bertha (5), who married H. Holt and they have Oliver (6), Clara Elizabeth (6) and live in Oklahoma City, Okla. Izora (4) married A. J. Gray 1875 and their children are Kate (5), Anna (5), Daisy (5), George (5), Nellie (5), John (5), Middleton (5). Anna (5) married J. B. Hankins 1902 and has Izora May (6), Dorothy Ann (6); George (5), married Jennette Pain and they had Mary Jennette (6); Nellie (5) married F. M. Huffman 1918; John (5) married Cornelia Smith (5) 1920, Mid (5) married Flossie Price 1920; Ann (4) married James (see Chapman); May (4) married M. S. Smith of Olmstead, Ill., she has Mary, who married Mr. Vandiver; Etta (4) married George B. 1889; (see Gillespie; Lena (1) married Ford Turner of Martinsville, Tenn., and has Glen (5) and Margarel (5) who married a Mr. Davis. This family now reside in Memphis, Tenn. Jane (3), married John Jones (a brother lo Turner); Mary Eliza (3) married Gilson Slack, 1S54, and had Henry F. (4), William B. (4) and Oscar (4); Henry F. (4) married Julia Hudson and resides in St. Louis, Mo., Oscar lives in the West; Lily (3), married Henry Ross, has three children, lives in Arkansas. Barton (2), married Amy Elkins and they had John E. (3), Milling ton S. (3), James N. (3), Barney S. (3), Thomas (3), Mary Ann (3), Caroline (3). John E. (3), married Emily Houston and they had Champ (4), who went to Texas when a young man, Eliza (4), Barney (4), Cina (4), Alice (4); Eliza (4) married Watson Stewart and had Ed. (5), she married second Douglas Stone and had Anna (5), who married a Mr. Jolly and Celia (5) who married Fred Ballard; Barney (4) married a Miss Musgrove; Cina (4) married Mr. Vancil; Alice (4) married Mr. Boles and had Ferd (5), Ray (5), Homer (5). Millington S. (3) married Mary Davis and had William Y. (4), Viola (4), Grant (4), Frank S. (4); Millington S. (3) married second Jane Ring and they had Charles (4), Walter (4), Paul (4), Pearl (4). William Y. (4) is a native of this county and has been connected with educational work as a teacher and superintendent of schools most all of his life, except one term he served the county as judge. He has also served on the State Board of Education. He has been a resident of Vienna for many years where he has been active in the general welfare of the community. He married Sue M. Bozman of Pope county, 1883, and they have Benjamin (5), who is a civil engineer, he married Uphemia Ferrell and resides in Detroit, Mich.; Harry (5) is a business man of Memphis, Tenn.; Cornelia (5) married John Gray; Arline (5) is a graduate of Vienna High School, Carbondale Normal and a successful teacher; Viola (4), married James Brown and their children are Myrtle (5), Mabel (5) and James (5), none of whom live in this county; Frank S. (4), married Arrah Shadrick, they had Mary (5) and Gladys (5). He was a graduate Physician practicing in Cypress and vicinity several years, but now lives in Logan, Ill. James M. 3, married Sarah Gore, children Mary Jane (4), Jefferson (4), Sherman (4), Addison (4) and Hosea (4). Mary Jane (4) married Samuel Brown and has Rollie (5), Roscoe (6), Hal (5), Clyde D. (5), Hazel V. (5); Rollie (5) married Blanch Poor; Clyde (5) married Avis Howell and they have Delbert (6), Dewitt (6), Pansy (6), Maxine (6), Willma Elizabeth (6); Hazel V. (5) married Drury Edmons, 1920, and has Geneva (6); Sherman (4) married Sarah Adams, they have Adah (5), Etta (5), William (5). Adah (5) married O. Casey and has Guy (6), Robert (6); Etta (5) married Rollo Jeffries; Jefferson (4) married Mary E. Elkins. They moved to Missouri. Addison (4) married Bertha Poor and has Jewel (5), Ruby (5), Fay (5), Addison (5). Hosea (4) married Fay. They moved from the county. Barney S. (3) married Sarah Cox, their children were Edward (4), Nora (4), They moved to Murphysboro, Ill. Mary Ann (3) married James M. (see Finny.) Caroline (3) married John Gore, children. James (4) married Miss McDowell, they had one child and Sarah (4) who married Daniel (see Simpson.)

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 442-444.

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