1925 Biography - William Stanley

William Stanley, a planter of North Carolina removed from his native state to Kentucky. He had three sons, one of whom was Mark, born 1783. Mark (2), married Polly, daughter of James Underwood. They settled in Tennessee, later removing to Kentucky, finally coming to Williamson County, Ill., in 1837, with their family in- an ox wagon. It required two weeks to make the trip from Hopkinsville, Ky. There were six sons and four daughters in this family, most of whom settled in Williamson County. One son, Charles (3), was killed at the Siege of Vicksburg. Overton (3) married Ellen, daughter of A. H. and Dicy (Allen) Barnard. In 1853 Mr. Stanley moved to the farm now owned by his son A. D. in Goreville Township. He began farming with fifty acres, for which he paid five dollars per acre, and added to this until he had a large and well equipped farm, with good dwelling and buildings. This home cannot be excelled in this county in its beautiful landscape views. The children were, Hiram (4), married Margaret Coleman and lived in Williamson County; Ida (4), married O. P. Brown (see West); A. D. (4) married Adella C. daughter of Dr. P. S. McKenzie, a native of Edinburg, Scotland. Their children are Marie (5), married O. L. Moulton, and has Ernest Staniey (6;; Eva May (5), married Royal Nipper and died soon afterward; Agnes (5), married George Howell, and resides in Herrin, Ill.; Lynn Overton (5), married Addie Lee Franks, is also a resident of Herrin; Ward (5) and Ned (5), at home.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 445-446.

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