1925 Biography - E Throgmorton

E. F. Throgmorton is a descendant of Josiah who was born in North Carolina in 1811 of English parentage, Josiah also being the name of his father. He married first Miss McSwain in North Carolina who had three children and died in that state. He married second Martha Pierce and to them were born John (2), who was a soldier in the Civil War and wounded at Shiloh, William Pinckney (2), James (2), Reuben (2), Josiah (2), Frank (2), Lewis (2), Martha (2) Robert (2). Josiah 1st came to Illinois bringing his wife and four children sometime in the forties. He entered land and settled on what is known now as the Uncle Tommy Helm Farm, later moving to New Burnside where he opened a farm and resided until his death. William P. (2) lives in Williamson County. Jane (2) married J. W. Hayes and had James (3), Luela (3), Charles (3), John (3), Nell (3). Reuben (2) married Louisa Parsons; Frank (2) married Cordelia Snyder and lives in Jackson county. Lewis (2) married Sarah Lay; they had Josiah (3), Lily (3), Ella (3), Delia (3), Adolphus (3) and Roy (3); they live in Oklahoma. Martha (2) and Robert (2) never were residents of this county. Josiah (2) was a well to do farmer, a man of wide influence which was always used for righteousness. He was a Republican and a Mason. He married Elizabeth Reeves and had Martha (3), John (3), Arthur (3), Frank (3), Almus (3), Walter (3), Nellie (3), Norris (3), May (3), Addie (3) and Robert (3). Arthur (3) married May Murrie (see McFatridge); Martha and Robert live at home with their mother; E. F. (3) is the fourth child of this family and has occupied a position in the county several years that brings him in contact with most every citizen in it sooner or later. He is a most obliging and congenial county officer as well as citizen and no fault can be found with his work as clerk of the county. He was educated in the public schools and Southern Illinois Normal He is a Mason, a Republican and he and wife are members of the M. E. Church. He married Lee, daughter of A. H. and Jane (Albright) Bass, of Tunnell Hill Township and they have Joe (4) who is a student of the High School of Vienna where they reside.
Josiah Throgmorton was born in Union County 1824 of Virginia parentage. He came to Johnson county in 1858 and engaged in the milling business. He served in Company K, 60th Illinois Infantry, and was with Sherman on his historic march to the sea. He retired from the milling business to buy grain. In 1884 he engaged in the lumber business with P. T. Chapman which he followed till his death in 1894. In his youth he worked for ten dollars per month and studied at night for his education. He was a valued citizen and business man, was vice-president of the First National Bank from its organization, and was said to be a man without an enemy. He was a Mason, Republican, and a Unitarian in belief. He married Abigail Musgrove and left one daughter, Fannie, who married T. H. Sheridan.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 450-451.

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