1925 Biography - John Veach

John Veach (originally spelled Veatch) was the ancestor of the Veaches of this county. One branch of the family says he was Scotch and the other claims he was English. It is not certain whether he was born in England, Scotland or America. Family tradition says he first lived in Maryland, moved from there to North Carolina, then to Kentucky and finally to Illinois, settling in Pope County. John 1st married Nellie Jones, and raised two sons and three daughters, Ishmeal (2), was born in North Carolina, 1793, and Green B. (2) was born in the same state. There is no knowledge of the daughters nor their families. The family of Ishmeal (2), is lound under Chapman. Green B. Veach (2), came here possibly with his parents, who resided here in 1820, in the Eastern section of the county. He was a soldier in the Black Hawk war, a Mason and was said to be very faithful to this fraternity, and just as faithful to his church, which was the Presbyterian, and this would be in favor of the Scotch ancestry. Green B. (2) married Martha Riddle -and their children were B. F. (3), Amanda (3), Clinton (3), and Pleasant G. (3). B. F. (3) married Elizabeth Mount and had one son, Thomas F. (4), who married Harriet Mathis. They had Ferrell (5) who lives in Texas. B. F. (3) married second Parthena McCuan and their children were James G. (4), Leroy C. (4), W. Allen (4), Martha (4) and Rosa (4). James C. (4) married Nancy Moore and their children were Earl D. (5), Pearl (5), Clyde A. (5), Effie (5), James Hubert (5), Mabel (5), Robert (5). Earl D. (5) married Margaret Murrie and they have James F. (6); Pearl (5) married Roy Moore and has Robert (6), and Lucille (6); Clyde A. (5) married Effie Vaughn and has Herschel (6), Virginia (6), Clyde (6); Effie (5) married R. R. Ridenhower; James H. (5) married Ruth Harris and their children are Julia (6), Dewey (6), Imo (6). He died (1924; Mabel (5) married James B. Harris and has Vera (6); Robert (5) married Marie Harris and has Roberta (6) and Mary Lou (6); L. C. (4) married Mary Wilson and their children are Eunice (5) who married Bert Burris; Fay (5) married Roy Zeck; Orla (5) married Ivan Morrison; Dimple (5) married Agustus Hunt; Carl (5) married James Grissom; Norma (5) married Joseph W. Looney; Roy (5) and Lula (5). Most of L. C. Veaches family have left this county. W. Allen (4) married Laura Mathis and the children are Clemont (5), who married Canty Jones and resides in East St. Louis; Clifford (5) married Agusta Davis, they have Dolly May (6), Allen Davis (6), and reside on a farm in the southeast part of the county. Clifford is among our best farmers and business men. Eva (5) married Chester Hunt and has Rosanna (6); they reside in Indianapolis, Ind.; Loyd (5) married Mildred Hess (see Chapman); Lorna May (5), at home. Martha (4) married Franklin McCorle and has Libbie (5), Jessie (5), Adolphus (5), Oscar (5); Rosa (4) married Samuel Gillispie and their children are Suda (5), who married Jack Hood and their children are Francis (6) and Robert (6); Oma (5) married Ray Fraim and has Rosamond (6); Annabelle (5) married W. V. Crawford and they have Marjory (6); Edgar (5) married Elizabeth McCoy; Gertrude (5) married Joseph Woelfle (see Simpson); Addison (5), Samuel (5), and Ned (5), the two latter are at home and Addison lives in the West. Amanda (3) married a Mr. Gray and had Sidney (4), Amanda (4), Pink (4), George (4), Luther (4), Marion (4) and Charles (4). This family moved to California. Clinton (3) married Fannie Verhines and had Marie (4), who married John A. Carlton, they have Francis (5), Zelma (5), Amy (5) and Marie (5). Francis (5) married Jackson Murrie and has Mattie Lou (6); Minnie (4) married John Harris. Lee (3) married, children Thomas (4) and Lucy (4). This family moved to Kansas many years ago. Pleasant G. (3) married Unity Gray and had Frank (4), who married Ettie Shirley, they had Ruth (5), who married Walter Taylor; Angie (5) married Loyd Stout and their children are Clyde (6) and Mildred (6); Almus (4) is a business man of Centralia, Ill., and married Bertha Cox of this county; their children are Vera (5), Ebert (5), Mary (5); Malona (4) married Charles Mulinax and had children Archie (5), Joel (5) and Rollie (5).

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 451-453.

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