1925 Biography - William Walker

William Walker came to this county from North Carolina by way of Tennessee, stopping there for a while as did most of our citizens. He reached here in 1840, not quite as early as some, but they have been residents here more than three-quarters of a century. The children were Robert James (2), William (2), Norrel (2), Charles (2), VanBuren (2), Mary (2), Jane (2), Sarah (2). Robert James (2) married Elizabeth Carlton, they had Francis Ann (3), William P. (3), Lewis F. (3), Joseph J. (3), Kizzie (3), Permelia (3). Francis Ann (3) married John L. Hogg, had India (4), who married Thomas Potter, Ethel (4) married Charles Arnett; neither family resides in the county; William P. (3) has been a substantial citizen of the county all his life and esteemed by all who know him. He married Sarah E., daughter of John M. Gillespie, and their children were Hartley W. (4), Lindorf (4), Oma (4); Hartley W. (4), after finishing in the schools of the county selected the profession of medicine as his life work, graduating from John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., 1895. He practiced in this county at Grantsburg and Vienna for twenty-five years, and moved to Creal Springs in 1923, where he has charge of the Creal Springs Sanitarium. He also has a large outside practice. He married Mary, daughter of Pleasant and Mary (Farris) Rose and they have Wayne (5), who married Ethel Morgan and is preparing for a physician, William P. (5) married Mary Whitehead and resides at Creal Springs; Lindorf (4) married Pearl, daughter of James Debman of this county, they have Willard (5) and reside at Cobden, Ill., where he is cashier of the First National Bank; Oma (4) married John Hand who is a well to do farmer of Grantsburg township, and they have Mabel (5) Linny (5), Jessie (5), John Morgan (5), Mary Bonnie (5), Betty (5). Dr. Lewis F. Walker (3), graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago, and practiced medicine in and around Grantsburg for about twenty years, dying when rather a young man. He married Missouri Howell, and they had James (4), who married Miss Trovillion and is a farmer of Grantsburg township; Delasco (4) married Lizzie Simmons, they have Lewis (5), who is a business man of Grantsburg; Rosco (4) married Maud Farris and died young leaving Joseph (5). Mrs. Lewis Walker occupies her old home in Wartrace or Old Grantsburg. Dr. J. J. Walker (3) was born in this county in 1855 and also graduated from Rush Medical College. He practiced in this county for several years, residing in Vienna. He married Margaret Flemming, 1878 and they had Decosta (4) and Pearl (4). Dr. Walker removed to Hot Springs more than forty years ago where he continued his practice until his death; Decosta (4), followed his father as a physician, practicing in Hot Springs until 1923, when he died; Pearl (4) is the wife of Mr. Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas. Mrs. Walker still resides in Hot Springs. Kizzie Walker (3) married Milton Hight and they resided on a farm in the eastern section of the county, he was a prosperous farmer and they were comfortably situated for many years. Mr. Hight's health failed and they went to Arizona, where he died 1922. She died 1924. Their children are Viola (4), Myrtle (4) married S. J. Carter (see Harvick; James (4) married Holly Clymer. He is a veterinarian, and resides in Tempe, Arizona; William (4), married first Alice Clymore of this county and has Walton (5). He married second Mary Griffy, has William (5) and resides on the old homestead. William (2) married Miss McHenry and they had James W. (3) and Mary (3), who married a Mr. Morris; Norrel (2) married a Miss Neatherly and had Robert (3); Van Buren (2) went to Texas when a young man; Mary (2) married Mr. Ingram and removed to Arkansas; Jane (2) married a Mr. Pressgrove; Sarah (2) married Jacob Johnson, a brother to Joel.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 454-455.

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