Biography - John Whiteside

JOHN G. WHITESIDE was born December 28, 1846, in Johnson County, Ill., and his father, David Whiteside, was born in Pope County December 17, 1820. The latter was a son of John Whiteside, a native of Virginia, who removed to Illinois when a lad. His father, James Whiteside, was a Virginia farmer and was born in that State. He removed to the Territory of Illinois about the year 1800 with his wife and a small family. He had two sons, James and John, and, it is believed, two daughters. He died in Illinois. His son James was one of the Legislators of Illinois Territory when the Legislature met at Kaskaskia. He was a prominent man in this part of the Territory and used to distribute the laws, as was then customary. He was noted for his wit and propensity for joking, as well as for his portly form.
John Whiteside was married to Eupha D. Shearer, who bore him thirteen children, four sons and nine daughters. One daughter died in infancy. James, the second child and first son, died in February, 1878, at the age of sixty-three. He was a wealthy farmer and reared four children, and died at his farm home, leaving an estate worth some $25,000. Mary, the first child, died about 1859, leaving a family of ten children. Elizabeth, wife of Henry Rose, died in 1870, leaving eleven children. David, the father of John G. Whiteside, is a retired farmer of Glendale and is seventy-two years of age. His wife is seventy. They have three children living, viz: John G.; India E., widow of Green Waters, and who has six children; and Amanda C., wife of Dr. Sutherland, of Creal Springs. They have buried one infant son. Matilda, wife of Armstrong Grissom, died about the same time as her husband died, in 1868, leaving seven children. John S., a farmer of Johnson County, died in 1888, aged about sixty-four years, leaving a large family. India E. is the wife of Lewis Lavender, well known as the Sheriff of Hardin County. William died in June, 1889, aged about sixty, leaving a wife and five children. Sidney died in February, 1859, leaving a husband and three children. Adeline, a maiden lady, lives with her sister, Mrs. Lavender. Margaret wife of Dr. McGinnis, of Hardin County. Catherine, wife of Stephen Hobbs, of Hardin County, has three daughters and one son.
John G. Whiteside was reared a farmer boy and had but a nominal school education. At the age of eighteen he enlisted in Company F, Twenty-ninth Illinois Infantry, under Capt. D. N. Baker. He served as a private soldier one year and was blown up in Mobile, August 25, 1865. He was in the upper story of a two-story brick building with two comrades, Reuben H. Chrisman and George F. Applin. All three escaped death, while others around them were killed. All three were, however, seriously injured. He was in but two engagements in Alabama, and was discharged in June, 1865, in New Orleans. Returning from the war, he remained at home until he was twenty-six years old, when he was married to Margaret E. Gilbert, of Pope County. They have all their children living, four sons and four daughters, viz: William H., twenty-one years old, married and a school teacher; Orela C, wife of N. H. Holloway, a teacher; Minerva E., a young lady seventeen years old; Phillip D., a youth fourteen years old; Essie E., twelve; Harry C., ten; India C., six; and Elbert R., three. Mr. Whiteside has thus far given his children the best opportunities within his reach for securing a good education, and they are all bright and studious children. He is a Master Mason, and is a Republican, having been Postmaster at Eddyville four years under President Harrison. He has been a farmer ever since the war and has served as Justice of the Peace fourteen years.

Extracted 16 Dec 2016 by Norma Hass from 1893 Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, Pope, and Hardin Counties, Illinois, pages 555-556.

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