1925 Biography - John Wiley

The Wiley family came here before the civil war and settled on a farm southwest of Vienna. The head of the family was John and they came from Ohio. Their children were H. B. (2), who was a substantial farmer living west of Vienna and above the average in education. He took an active part in the political questions of the day and was for ten years or more the first man to pay his taxes in the county. He married Catherine, daughter of William Whitemore, who was a prominent man in the county, about Civil War times. Several other members of the Whitemore family resided here at that time, but none are living here at the present. The children of H. B. (2) and Catherine were H. C. (3), who married Zora Gurley; W. L. (3), married Louisa Turley, they had William (4) and Floyd (4); May (3) married Thomas Hester, their children are Mildred (4) and Marion (4). Frank (3) married Viney Sullins, and they have Myrtle (4), who married Mr. Barter; Samuel (3) married Ruth Carlton (see Slack).
Rachel (2) married Thomas Utley, their children were William (3) who married Dora Watson; Elizabeth (3) married T. N. Foreman. Benjamin (3) was an M. E. minister and married a Miss Bean of the West Eden settlement.
W. R. Wiley (2) married Libbie E. (see Chapman) and is a merchant of Auburn, Washington.
Sarah (2) married John Sutliff, and they reared a family on a farm, three miles southwest of Vienna. Their children were Hannah (3), married Fredinan (see Mathis); Elizabeth (3) married a Mr. Borthick, and has Inez (4). Martha (3) married W. P. Emerson, they reside near Bloomfield; Abe (3) married Bertha Mathis, and they are also residents of this county; Rachel (3) married Bailey Gann; Fannie (3) married T. C. Newby; Lily (3) married George Harvick; John (3) resides on the home farm; Lucy (3) married Grover Ridenhower and died soon afterward.

Extracted 08 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from 1925 A History of Johnson County, Illinois, by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 464-465.

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