Calhoon/ Thornton Cemetery

NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Section 17

This cemetery is very small.  It is located in a cow pasture, but it is fenced in and maintained.  There is no gate into the cemetery so it is necessary to crawl under the barbed wire fence with care.  To reach this cemetery, turn west n Main Street at Union Planter's Bank in Goreville.  Continue on Main Street for 2.6 miles.  The cemetery will be on the right hand side of the highway.  The property is owned by Gary Kirby who lives next to the cemetery. He should be asked for permission to go to the cemetery.  Mr. Kirby told us that this cemetery is also known as Thornton Cemetery.  The cemetery was apparently used from the late 1870's to the 1920's.  There are several sand stone markers with no names or dates.

Calhoon, ...inf. son of T. H. & Mary J. E. Calhoon; b&d 5 August 1877
Calhoon, Anna B; d/o J.A. & Sarah Calhoon; 5 Oct 1893-31 Oct 1914
Calhoon, Charles S; s/o J.A. & Sarah Calhoon; 12 Oct 1887-6 Dec 1887
Calhoon, Ernest; 1889-1914 (Masonic Emblem)
Calhoon, Hilie; d/o James & Sarah Toler Calhoon 23 Aug 1898-25 Jan 1924
Calhoon, James A; h/o Sarah A Calhoon; 29 Jun 1862-9 Mar 1925
Calhoon, Mary J. E; w/o T.H. Calhoon; d.9 Aug 1877; age 40 yr 8mo 5da
Calhoon, Nedham A; s/o J. A. & Sarah Calhoon; 3 Dec 1885-21 Sep 1889
Calhoon, Randall; s/o W.E. & Mae Calhoon; 5 Jul 1913-12 Mar 1914
Calhoon, Sarah A; w/o James A Calhoon; 4 Jan 1864-16 Jul 1917
Calhoon, Thomas E; s/o J.A. & Sarah Calhoon; 12 May 1891-15 Jul 1891
Calhoon, Thomas H; s/o T. H. & Mary J.E. Calhoon;19 Nov 1874 age 2y 7m 1d
Calhoon, Thomas H; h/o Mary J E Calhoun; d 15 Sep 1894 age 62y 10m 11d
Thornton, Flora E; d/o W.P. and M.A. Thornton 27 Sep 1882-2 Oct 1901
Thornton, Martha Alice; w/o William Pinkney Thornton; 1856-1929, age 72y 8 m {d/o Thomas and Mary Robison Calhoon}
Thornton, Mary J; d/o W.P. & Mary A Thornton; d 10 May 1880; 1yr 2m 4d
Thornton, William Pinkney; h/o Martha Alice Thornton 1854-1931

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