Cedar Grove Cemetery

SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Section 31

This cemetery is located well away from any main roads.  To reach it from Vienna, go west on Route 146 about 3 1/2 miles to the junction of 146 and Route 37.  Turn north on route 37 and go about 3.2 miles to the town of Buncombe and turn west on Main Street.  Go 2 blocks to Lick Creek Road and turn right.  Stay on Lick Creek Road about 4.7 miles to Cedar Grove Road.  About 3 miles from Buncombe there will be a plaque for the town of Elvira, the original county seat of Johnson County in 1818.  At Cedar Grove Road turn Right and go .7 of a mile to the Cedar Grove Church.  As you turn right, Draper's Bluff, as well known landmark will be to the left and slightly ahead of you.  The road forks at Cedar Grove Church.  Turn right on Happy Hollow Rd.  The Cemetery will be .2 of a mile on the right side of the road.  The Cedar Grove Church is a non-denominational church which is still being used.  The cemetery is fairly large and well maintained.  There are a series of 10-14 small markers, none of which have a name of date, but all bearing the words "In God we trust".  Is is not known if these are the markers of children or why there are no other names on them.  Continuing on Happy Hollow Road towards Goreville will take you by Gurley, Perry and Craig Cemeteries.

Tiny; 1978-1994 [No other information is given]
Adams, Ettie; w/o William F Adams; 18 Oct 1889-6 Jul 1941
Adams, William F; h/o Ettie Adams; 27 Jan 1888-10 Aug 1910
Alford, Billie L; husband of Nettie K Alford; 14 May 1929-(Bereau Cemetery)
Alford, Nettie K; w/o Billie L Alford; 7 Feb 1925 - 16 Mar 1976
Ames, Dennis W; h/o Sonnia A Ames; 16 May 1952- _____________________
Ames, Joseph Raymond; h/o Lois L Ames; 1915-1985; md 8 Aug 1940
{F1, US Navy, WWII}
Ames, Lois L; w/o Joseph Raymond Ames; 1923-
Ames, Sonnia A; w/o Dennis W. Ames; 14 Apr 1944-18 Oct 1987
Anderson, Daniel Roy; 6 Jan 1955-13 Oct 1980 {STG2, US Navy}
Anderson, Jennie E; w/o Virgil Carl Anderson; 28 Aug 1918-; md. 24 Mar 1945
Anderson, Virgil Carl; h/o Jennie E. Anderson; 17 Jan 1921-22 May 1992; {S2, US Coast Guard, WWII}
Arnold, Frank H; h/o Venita F Arnold; 23 April 1912-14 Sep 1971; md 1954
Arnold, Venita F; w/o Frank H Arnold; 13 Aug 1915-22 Jul 1999 {d/o John J & Winifred Bridges McKinney
Baker, _____;inf d/o J.R. and S. J. Baker; b&d 20 Dec 1894
Baker, Charles; s/o J.R. and Sarah Baker; b&d 1895
Baker, James R; h/o Sarah Baker; 1872-1957
Baker, Sarah; w/o James R Baker; 1878-1966
Barringer,_______;inf. s/o James W & Mary A. Barringer; 1919-1919
Barringer, Almeda W; w/o Rev. Cleetuse Barringer; 10 Mar 1886-7 Jun 1971
Barringer, Charley C; inf. s/o James W & Mary A Barringer; 1917-1919
Barringer, Cleetuse(Rev); h/o Almeda W Barringer; 13 Jan 1882-4 Jan 1962
Barringer, Edna; d/o Cleetuse & Alameda Barringer; 10 Dec 1909-27 May 1919
Barringer, George; h/o Lorene Barringer; 22 Oct 1912-27 Sep 1998
Barringer, James R; h/o Vesta L Barringer; 28 Mar 1911-8 Jan 1997
Barringer, James W; h/o Mary A Barringer; 1875-1935
Barringer, John W; 4 Dec 1846-31 Aug 1918
Barringer, Lillian K; w/o Louie C Barringer; 1919-1998
Barringer, Lorene; w/o George Barringer; 17 Feb 1919-
Barringer, Louie C; h/o Lillian K Barringer; 30 Aug 1906-13 Jan 1992
Barringer, Mary a; w/o James W Barringer; 1878-1952
Barringer, Rolla Eugene; s/o Rev Cleetuse & Almeda Barringer; 1920-1921
Barringer, Vesta L; w/o James R Barringer; 28 May 1922-12 Aug 1984
Beppler, Leva Ethel; 24 Jan 1890-17 Mar 1955
Billingsley, ___;inf s/o Samuel & Eliza J Billingsley; d. Aug 1873; age 9mo
Billingsley, ___; inf. dau's/o E.D & Emma Billingsley; b&d 22 Feb 1900 (twins)
Billingsley, ___; inf. d/o Basil & Rhoda A Billingsley; b&d 2 Feb 1911
Billingsley, Agnes; w/o Basil Billingsley; 1875-1951
Billingsley, Basil; h/o Rhoda A Billingsley & Agnes Billingsley; 25 Aug 1873- 5 June 1950
Billingsley, Edward; h/o Emma Billingsley; 30 June 1880-19 June 1926
Billingsley, Elizabeth J; w/o Samuel Billingsley; 1850-1929
Billingsley, Emma; w/o Edward Billingsley; 30 Oct 1879-7 Mar 1945
Billingsley, James B; s/o E.D. & Emma Billingsley; 2 Mar 1904-2 Apr 1904
Billingsley, Jasper; s/o Samuel & Eliza  Billingsley;28 Dec 1900 age 16y 11m 10d
Billingsley, John W; 13 Sep 1900-25 Feb 1982
Billingsley, Noel; s/o R.Y & N.F Billingsley; 4 Jun 1912-12 Aug 1913
Billingsley, Nora F; w/o Richard Y Billingsley; 6 Sep 1876-27 Sep 1958
Billingsley, Rhoda A; w/o Basil Billingsley; 26 Jan 1874-7 Nov 1919
Billingsley, Richard Y; h/o Nora F Billingsley; 4 Jan 1870-7 Nov 1949
Billingsley, Samuel; h/o Elizabeth J Billingsley; 23 Dec 1839-17 Feb 1904
Black, Aaron; 11 Jan 1859-5 Feb 1936
Black, George W; d 13 Nov 1894 {Pvt., Co.H, 31st Ill. Inf. Civil War}
Black, George W; h/o Susan Black; 11 May 1865-3 Jan 1937; md. 2 May 1890
Black, Gertie; 20 Jan 1900-18 Nov 1963
Black, Gilbert O; d. 4 Apr 1945 {Pvt., Co L, 126th Inf. 32nd Div., WWII}
Black, Susan A ; w/o George W Black; 27 Sep 1871-13 Sep 1918

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