Choate Cemetery

From the dates we were able to find, this cemetery was used from 1870-1945.  The location of Choate Cemetery is approximately 1/2 mile pas the Albright Cemetery and on the opposite side of the road.  It is also out in a field and is not visible from the road.

Alley, Leah; d. 5 May 2009; age 47
Choate, A.H.; h/o Lucinda Choate; d. 23 Feb 1870; age 65y
Choate, Bessie May; d/o A.H. & M.V.Choate; d. 15 Oct 1894; age 1y 9m
Choate, John M/H C; 29 May 1854-31 Aug 1907
Choate, Lucinda; w/o A.H. Choate; d. 2 Sep 1898; age 95yrs
Choate, Maggie; d/o A.H. & M.V. Choate; b&d 19 Feb 1895
Choate, Pruda Catherine Grant; 7 Aug 1858-16 Aug 1945
Choate, William Roy; s/o A.H. & M.V. Choate; b&d 1 Sep 1896
Foshee, Sherrell Edward; 29 Jul 1930-13 Nov 2008
Simmons, Flora B; 1890-1951/7
Simmons, James E; 1887-1961
Simmons, Mary A; 1911-1911 

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