Francis Cemetery

                                      SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Section 25

Francis Cemetery can be reached from Goreville by going south on Rte 37 1.1 miles to the Tunnel Hill Rd.  Turn east and go 1.9 miles.  The Francis Cemetery will be on the right side of the road.  It cannot be seen from the highway.  Alternately, the cemetery can be reached by traveling I-24 to the Goreville Exit at the Tunnel Hill Rd.  Turn west on the Tunnel Hill Rd; the Francis Cemetery will be .4 of a mile on the left.  There will be a house with a barn next to it.  Stop at the house to ask permission to go to the cemetery.  It is located about 1/8 mile beyond the barn.  The cemetery is not maintained.  Many of the stones are broken and some are missing from the last inventory taken in the 1970's.  Several trees have grown up among the stones, but it is relatively free from underbrush, probably because of the heavy growth of trees.  There has not been a burial in over 70 years.

Archer, John M; 5 Mar 1844 - 23 May 1870
Francis, Clifton Arthur; d. 14 Oct 1895 age 11m 23 d
Francis, Ephraim T; h/o Mary M Francis and Lucinda Purnell Francis; 9 Aug 1822- 3 Mar 1890
Francis, Lucinda Purnell; w/o Ephraim T Francis; 27 Jan 1840-28 Jul 1893
Francis, Mary M; w/o Ephraim T. Francis; 24 Nov 1824 - Mar 1861
Gore, Nellie; d. 30 Jul 1888 age 7 y 9 m 3 d
Newton, Amanda; d 5 Jan 1878 age 68y
Parrish, Benjamin F; h/o Elizabeth Parrish; d. 31 Apr 1906 age 75y
Parrish, Elizabeth; w/o Benjamin F Parrish; 22 Apr 1838 - 2 Apr 1891
Parrish, James M; h/o Matilda R Parrish; 29 Dec 1811-22 Feb 1883
Parrish, John B; h/o Lydia J Parrish; 18 May 1822 - 15 May 1886 age 61y
Parrish, Lydia J; w/o John B Parrish; 9 May 1829 - 29 Oct 1891
Parrish, Matilda R; w/o James M Parrish; 11 Mar 1818 - 10 Feb 1883
Parrish, Orinda M; d/o B.F & E.C. Parrish; 11 Jan 1865-29 Aug 1878
Parrish, Orlander F; s/o B.F & E.C. Parrish; 13 Jul 1862 - 18 Mar 1885

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