Gilead Church

One of the oldest churches in this county is Gillead, situated near Double Bridges, about two miles above Simpson. It is Presbyterian in denomination and was organized by James Alexander November 7, 1842. William Simpson, William Barnwell and Willis Simpson were the first elders; there were thirteen other charter members, the families of these men, a Mrs. Brills and perhaps other names not known. The first building was erected in 1856. David H. Birch donated the land for the church. Some laer members of this congregation were B. M. Howell, John F. and J. L. Thomas, A Mrs. Trigg, George Hudson, Charles Bailey, Mary A. Thomas, Eliza Perkins, and J. J. Simpson, now living at Creal Springs, was a member there sixty-five years ago. Lewis Simpson went out from this church as a minister. It is a live church today and a home coming held there in 1923 gave evidence of its influence.

Extracted 28 Oct 2016 by Norma Hass from A History of Johnson County, Illinois, published in 1925, page 113.

Membership list
Gilead Church was Organized on Saturday 27th of Nov. 1842 by Rev. James Alexander with the following members.

William Simpson -Elder
William Barnwell -Elder
Willis Simpson -Elder

Lay members:
James Hays
Joseph L. Thomas
John Simmons
Elizabeth Hays
Eliza Hays
Nancy Barnwell
Elizabeth Stallcup
Dilliah Nichols
Cely Matthews
Caroline Matthews
Register of Communicants

Note: These are in the original order they were listed in the minutes book.
Later entries have no date listed as admission date. The entries appear to be in chronological order though. So, the names listed between 1851 and 1853 were probably admitted between those years.

J. L. Thomas - Nov. 1842
Nancy Barnwell - Nov. 1842
James Hays - Nov 1842
John Simmons - Nov 1842
Elizabeth Hays - Nov 1842
Eliza Hays - Nov 1842
Elizabeth Stallcup - Nov 1842
Delliah Nichols - Nov 1842
Cely Matthews - Nov 1842
Caroline Matthews - Nov 1842
Nancy May - Oct 1844
May Thomas - Oct 1844
Martha Ann Hays - June 1843
James Mckee - Oct 1844
Lewis Simpson - Oct 1844
William L. Simpson - Dec 1845
John Saunders - Dec 1845
Easter Rushen - July 1844
Maria Brill - Feb 1848
William May - Aug 1848
Nancy A. Barnwell - June 1850
Catharine Breeding - July 1850
Judeth Gorden - Aug 1850
James Tuggle - Aug 1850
Elizabeth Tuggle - Aug 1850
Louiza Tuggle - Sept 1850
Wm. Brill - Sept 1850
John C. Barnwell - Sept 1850
Adeline Roberts - Sept 1850
Martha Simpson - Sept 1850
Charlotte Simpson - Sept 1850
Matilda Veach - Sept 1850
Mary Simpson - Sept 1850
Mary May - Sept 1850
Jane Breeding - Nov 1850
Eroy C. Ford - May 1851
Margaret Ford - May 1851
Benjamin D. Lewis - May 1851
Elizabeth Mount - May 1851
Sarah J. Mount - May 1851
Tempa? Mount - May 1851
Reubin W. Laughlin - May 1851
Nancy Laughlin - May 1851
James R. Barnwell - May 1851
J. *. Thomas - July 1851
George May - July 1851
A. J. May - Aug 1851
Polly Sanders - Aug 1851
Alminia Thomas
Richard Laughlin
Nancy Harris
Nancy E. Waters
Nancy M. Barnwell
Mary Ann Trigg - May 1853
Juliet Simpson
Polly Simpson
Abigiah Veach
Polly Ann Rose
Elizabeth Chapman
Nancy Russell
Robert H. Barnwell
William Warren
Mary Jane Russell
William Harris
Green B. Veach
Martha Veach
B. F. Veach
Franklin Eubanks
Polly Eubanks
Samuel McMahan
Elizabeth McMahan Seign.
Nancy McMahan
Polly McMahan
Elizabeth McMahan - Jun.

Contributed 03 May 2002 by Rick Girtman
Source: Microfilm copy of Original Church minutes Book. This is a list of members of the Gilead Church in Johnson County, Illinois. This list includes members admitted from 1842 to 1853.

Gilead Church Minutes
Minutes of Session of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at
Gilead Crossroads Johnson County Illinois

Page 1

Minutes of Session Jan 8th 1876
The session met at 2 o'clock PM
Present W. A. Mangum moderator with elders.

The meeting was opened by prayer.
It appearing that common fame(?) charges Sister Fannie Mount, Sister Amanda Simpson and Sister Martha Keltner with unchristian conduct. The brothers Scott & Simpson were appointed to wait on Fannie Mount. Bros. Russell and Farmer on Amanda Simpson and Bros. Morphies? and Thomas on Martha Keltner.

The Session then adjourned by prayer.

Page 2

Feb. 13, 1876
The session met at 2 oclock P M
Present Wm. Mangum moderator with Elders Barnwell Thomas and Farmer. The meeting was opened with prayer. The minutes of the last meeting were read.

The committee appointed to wait on sister fannie Mount reported that their conversation with her was favorable to good but rumors reported to the contrary. Her case being discussed was dropped untill the closing of the session.

The committee appointed to wait on sister Amanda Simpson reported. the report being rather unfavorable she was excluded untill further confession or repentance.

The committee appointed to wait on Martha Keltner reported and she was excluded untill further repentance.

Sister Fannie Mounts case was again noticed and W. H. Thomas and B. A. Farmer were appointed to wait on her and report at next session.

Common fame charging Sister Mollie Roberts with unchristian conduct Bros. Jno Thomas and J. H.? Morphis were appointed to wait on her and report next session.

The session adjourned with prayer.

Signed W. H. Thomas

Note: In most early Church records many members were charged with 'Unchristian conduct'. If you find your ancestor in these records accused of that, please do not assume the worst. It might have been something as simple as hanging out the clothes to dry on the Sabbath.

Contributed 2002 by Rick Girtman
Source: Microfilm copy of Original Church minutes Book

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