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State of Illinois, Johnson Co.} ss. The People of the State of Illinois to the Sheriff of Johnson County –
We Command You That You Are Summons Chas B. Hammons ….. if he shall be found in your County, personally to be and appear before the Circuit Court of said Johnson county, on the first day of the next Term thereof, to be holden at Court House in Vienna in said Johnson County, on the first 12th day of November A.D. 1894 to answer unto Emaline Hammons in her certain bill of complaint for divorce filed in said Court, on the Chancery side thereof.
And have you then and there this Writ, with an endorsement thereon in what manner you shall have executed the same.
Witness L. J. Smith Clerk of our said Circuit Court, and the seal thereof at Vienna this 18 day of October A. D. 1894.
L. J. Smith Clerk

State of Illinois}
Johnson County}
In the Circuit Court To the November Term A D 1894
To the Hon A. K. Vickers the presiding Judge of the Johnson Circuit Court in the state of Illinois.
In Chancery sittings
The complainant Emaline Hammons of the County of Johnson and state of Illinois respectfully represents unto your honor that she is an actual resident of said county and has been for a whole year ___ ____ a resident of the state of Illinois. That in the 4th day of August 1890 at the county of Johnson and state of Illinois she was lawfully married to one Charles B. Hammons whom she makes party defendant to this bill and from that time until above the first day of September 1892 lived and cohabited with him as his wife and although she has always conducted herself towards the said Charles B. Hammons as a true close and affectionate wife yet the said Charles B. Hammons on the first day of September 1892 wholly regardless of his marriage covenant and duly willfully deserted and absented himself from the habitation of the complainant without any just or reasonable cause and has persisted in such desertion for over two years l__ p__ and yet continues to absent himself from her.
Wherefore the complainant prays right and justice and that she may be divorced from the bonds of matrimony existing between her and the said Charles B. Hammons and prays for the usual process of this court and that the said Charles B. Hammons may be compelled to approve before this honorable court on the first day of the next term and then and there answer the allegations herein contained as fully and particularly as though specially _____ in relations thereto and that your honor will grant unto the complainant such other and further relief in the premises as justices and equally may require By R. M. Fisbon(?)
Solicitor for Complainant

NOTE: Barbara Emaline [Givens], [Cornish], [Throgmorton] married Charles Hammons

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