Deaths - 1882

Emily Fakes died 31 Jan in Johnson County age 48y 10m 12d Widow
born in Kentucky buried 1 February in the Burial Ground of J.L. Wymore
Hannah E. Rikard died 30 Jan in Vienna Twp. age 20 years Single
born in Alabama buried 1 February in Oliver Graveyard
John Frammal died 24 Jan in Burnside Township age 59y 9m 22d Married
born in Williamson Co. Illinois buried in Drakes Farm Cemetery
(m) Infant Mizell died 19 Jan in Burnside Township age 14 days Single
born in Burnside Township buried 20 Jan in Burnside Cemetery
James S Ridenhower died 10 Mar in Vienna Twp. age 6y 5m 5d Single
born in Vienna Township buried 11 Mar in the Cruler Graveyard
William Johnson died 2 March in Elvira Twp age 35 years Widow
born in Tennessee buried March in Mt Zion Cemetery
Thomas Edward Church 24 March in Vienna, Illinois age 2m 5d Single
born in Vienna, Illinois and buried in Veaches Cemetery
Wilis Alexander died 27 March in New Burnside age 13y 4m Single
born in Johnson County buried 28 March in Rich Cemetery
John Moody died 22 March in New Burnside age 22 years Single
No birthplace listed buried 27 March in Fairview Church Cemetery
William Harden died 23 March in Belknap age 17y 13d Single
born in White County, Illinois no burial place listed
Rebecca Darter died 2 May in Elvira Twp age 22y 4d Married
born in Illinois buried 3 Mary in Groves Cemetery

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