War of 1812

The roster of 1812 does not give the address of the soldiers enrolled. It only states what county they were from and in most cases the county in which they enlisted. The following names have been selected as men probably serving from Johnson County as the names also appear on record here: James N. Fox commanded a detachment of rangers on the frontier of Johnson County from February 13, 1813 till March 1, 1813. James Fox was sergeant in this company. The privates were William Edwards, James Flannery, Buckner Harris, James Buchen, George Deason, Daniel Griffith, Moas Blain, John F. Norton, Shadrock Rawlinson, William Rawlinson and John Davis. William Simpson, father of J. J. Simpson served in the war of 1812 under Captain James Whiteside. James Bradshaw served in Captain John Scotts Company. John Worley in Captain Alexander's company. There is no way of knowing positively, but the following were more than likely men who served in this war from this county: Joseph and John Furguson, Captain Craig's Company; Jeremiah Lissenbee, Captain Henry Cook's Company, Joshua Talbot, J. B. Moore's Company; William Cravens and Elisha Ladd, Captain Dudley William's Company; Andrew Roberts and William Brazel, Captain William Jones' Company; Nathan Langston, Captain Nathan Chamber's Company.

Extracted 30 Apr 2016 by Norma Hass from 1925 History of Johnson County written by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, pages 174-175.

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