There are nine townships in Johnson County, namely Goreville, Elvira, Cache, Tunnel Hill, Bloomfield, Vienna, Burnside, Simpson and Grantsburg.
  1. Goreville is in the north west corner of the county and was settled by the Gores, Adams, Barnards, Carrol Craigs, Dunns, Kelleys, Newtons, Walkers, Stanleys, Ridenhowers and Parrishes. Madison Parrish was a Justice of the Peace for many years and served as an associate of the county. G. P. and West Sullivan were settlers of this township before the Civil War. They were educated men and G. P. did what one would call a country lawyer's business, such as writing wills, filling out papers and justice work. His children were Marcellus, (called Bud) Lycurgus, Rhoda and Mathilda. West was a teacher, and had one daughter who married a Mr. Russell. The Sullivans were from the South and Democrats in politics and Goreville Township is still the stronghold of that party in our county. A few of the farmers living there at present are: J. M. Francis, A. M. Smith, W. P. Gore, J. A. Carlton, J. N. Maze, M. M. Pickles, D. A. Stone, John A. Vancil, Charles Patrick, J. H. Hudgens, Benjamin Johnson and T. C. Crawford. Goreville is the principal town.
  2. Elvira lies south of Goreville and borders Union County on the west. The first settlers here were Worleys, Littletons, Elkins, Stokes, Graves, Barnetts, Morrises, Mangums and a little later the Pearces, Ragsdales, Suits and Browns. Among the farmers of this section today are : J. K. Elkins,. J. B. Suit, Dr. Charles Nobles, Dr. W. P. Robertson, J. C. Grinnell, John W. Gocldard, F. M. Hunsaker, George Johnson, Melvin Jones, Claude Beggs, E. L. Ragsdale, Ad and Sherman Smith, George M. Mozley, L. F. Poor and Charles [page 280] Truelove. Buncombe is the main village and Pleasant Grove Center is situated in this township.
  3. Cache joins Elvira on the south and its southern boundary is formed by Cache river. It was settled almost as early as Elvira by the West. Carter, Mercer, Peterson, Axley, Gore and Bridges families some of whom were as early as 1810. The Peeler, Martin, Casper, Wilhelm families came about the fifties. Cypress and Belknap are the main towns of this division and a few of the good farmers are L. A. Mulkey, J. C. Carter, J. L. Beanard, W. J. Jones, Frank Capron, L. S. Beggs, P. T. Chapman, J. M. Brown, D. C. Casper, W. 0. Peeler, Frank Penrod, Lee Moak, Charles Marshall and Mrs. Sabine Mason.
  4. Tunnel Hill is on the northern border of the county and just east of Goreville. It has Tunnel Hill for its main village, and its first settlers were Choats, Goddards, Hobbs, Whiteheads, Kuykendalls, Cavitts, Bradleys, McMahans and Mitchell Webb who was the founder of a large family. Andrew Kelley, a man held in high esteem by his neighbors, Joseph was the head of the Smith family. His children were William, Joseph, Isaac, Richard, Mathilda and Hiram. Most of these families with the Vinsons and Simmons are members of the church of the Latter Day Saints. When this church was broken up at Nauvoo, Illinois, these families located in this township. They have intermarried so that their descendants are most all related. Other families settling here about the fifties, were John Ridenhower, Felix Boyt, Burkalows, Carsons and the D. C. Chapmans. Some of the present residents are G. H. McMahan, Guy Beauman, A. G. Benson, J. B. Cavitt, the family of the late A. N. Webb, Isiah Lowery, J. L. Mohler, and David Cover, Jr. The Centralia Fruit and Orchard Co., is located in this township.
  5. Bloomfield lies almost in the center of the county and was a part of Cache Township when it was organized. It was settled by the Caseys, Harvicks, McFatridges, Thackers, Bains, Daniel Chapman, Sr., Taylors, Finneys, Odoms and Petersons. Bloomfield is the name of the largest town. Farmers living there now are J. S. Plater, J. N. Benson, I. N. Davies, John Taylor, 0. W. Ruppert, George W. Mathis, T. F. Travis, L. J. Smith, J. M. Brown, and the Shetlers.
  6. Vienna lies south of Bloomfield. The families of James Bain, Mathew Mathis, Henry Beggs, John Oliver, James [page 281] Jones, Samuel Chapman, James and J. L. Hogg, Jackson Simpson, David Shearer and Thos. Johnson were the first residents. A few years later came the families of Dr. Damron, A. J. Kuykendall, Redden, Henry, Burnett, John Bain, Farris, Donaghy and Hight. Vienna is the seat of justice and the principal town of the county. It is situated in the northwest part, in section 5. West Vienna and Foreman are other villages in the township. Some of the progressive farmers are J. C. Johns, L. T. Farris, J. L. Lindsey, John Dunn, D. W. Mathis, Milo Clanahan, J. W. Shinn, A. Hook, R. R. Ridenhower, J. M. Farris, T. J. Cowan, Jr. H. L. Bridges, J. C. Chapman and A. E. McKenzie.
  7. Burnside is located in the north east corner of the county. The Harper, Choate, Lawrence, Howerton, Damion, Gill, Whiteaker, Burton, Ballance families were a few of the early settlers of this township. It is known as the fruit growing section and some of the residents and farmers are J. C. B. and J. W. Heaton, F. B. Hinds, Norman W. Casper, J. W. Choat, G. W. Murphy, J. W. Rushing, J. M. Safford, and J. R. Chester. New Burnside and Ozark are the villages of this township.
  8. Simpson is south of New Burnside and borders Pope County on the east, it had its first settler in 1805, William Simpson, from whom it took its name. Other early settlers were McKees, Veaches, Barnwells, Whitesides, Kerley, Keltners, Scotts, Simmons, Murrays and Mounts. Simpson is a thriving villiage of this section. Some of the farmers and fruit growers are : T. B. Murray, T. B. Mount, J. W. Reynolds, T. B. Kerley, W. H. Grissom, J. H. Taylor, C. W. and Otto Murrie and J. L. Thomas.
  9. Grantsburg corners with Massac and Pope Counties on the south east. Some of the first settlers here were: Walkers, Pors, Cummins, Marberys, Helms, J. B. Smith, Green B. Veach, Pleasant Rose, Sr., Grissoms, Modglins, Bowmans, Bains, Pearces, Fishers and Allen Jones. Wartrace, New Grantsburg and Ganntown are the principal centers and some present farmers are ; E. E. Farquahar, F. M. Simmons, J. D. Wormack, W. J. Miller, E. E. Morgan, Otis Nelson, W. F. Hight, Charles Shelton, Delaskey Walker, E. E. Trovillion, L. P. Morris, C. H. Gray, Pleasant Rose, W. P. Walker and John Hand.

Extracted 11 Apr 2016 by Norma Hass from 1925 History of Johnson County written by Mrs. P. T. Chapman, page 279-281

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